Tailoring Clothes for Men & Women : How to Alter a Blouse

Hi, I’m Debrah, and I’m at Deluxe, a local
resale boutique, in Eugene, Oregon, and today, I’m going to show you how to alter the sides
of a blouse, so what I do, is put it on inside out, and then you pinch along where you need
the excess taken in, and what you do, is you put pins along the side seams, and then what
I do too, is you can take a piece of chalk of a different color, and you can mark over
that line of the pins, and what you do, is straighten out that line, so it looks nice
and integrated with the curve of the natural blouse, and just sew the side seam, starting
a half inch over the original seams, so you’re gently coming out, into your new area that
you have marked, taking the pins out of course, as you go along, and then when you end it,
you make sure that you go over the last half inch, of your original seam, too, so that
it blends in nicely, with the original line, of the blouse, and when you’re pinning, you
want to make sure that you get both sides even, so what I do, is after I pin them, I
lay the two over each other, and then you can just feel, line the seams up, and you
can feel where the pins are, on the other side, and if you need to take some out to
make adjustments, to make these two lines even, you can do that before you start stitching.
When sewing this new seam, of course you’re going to have to clip the excess off, and
depending on the fabric, it could unravel, so you can either use a surger, when you are
doing your new seam, and it already binds the edges. If you don’t have a surger, you
can just use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine, a wide zig zag stitch, to go over
those edges, so it doesn’t unravel during wear and washing, and that’s how you can alter
a blouse.


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