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– Hello, I’m Tan France and this is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the
funniest people on the planet. – I do.
– I don’t. No! Today’s guest is Pete Davidson. – Hi, handsome. – Hi, how are ya? – I’m great, I just got my results back. I ain’t got shit and there
were some sketchy ones. – Well, that’s why I’m glad
that we didn’t use protection. – Yeah, yeah, I feel
like it’s disrespectful. It is, if I was a girl, I’d be like, “What, do
you think I’m dirty?” (laughing) I never wear a condom, I’m a gentleman. – Pete Davidson, everyone. (upbeat music) – I feel like I should be taking a Plan B. – Oh, tell me more about that. – I don’t know, it’s
just the vibe that I get. This is very like,
where’s my birth control? (laughing) – The last time we did
this was a little bit ago. – Yeah.
– A lot’s changed. Your skin looks great. – It’s water.
– Is that a lie? – Apparently drinking Mountain Dew all day is not good for you.
– That can really fuck you up. How is your mum? – She’s great. – You’re living with her.
– Yeah, we live together. – You live together. – Yeah, we’re roommates.
– Is that what you’re calling it?
– We’re roommates! – She’s a really cool mom. – She’s cool. You know how your mom
could be cool to everybody but it’s like your mom.
– Yeah. – So you love her, but you’re like, “Chill out, dude.” – B.D.E. – Oh god. – It doesn’t give you a point of pride? – No, it’s embarassing. – Oh my god, I’d be bragging to everyone. I’m that guy. – Well, I guess it’s better that it’s not the other way around. – Yeah.
– I mean, I’m complaining about awesome things. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Good problems, Tan. – Yeah, it’s a really good problem–
– Good fucking problems! – So here’s my concern. I’ve got one thing that
I want to put you in that might highlight that. – Yeah, you’re gonna bring
out my nice butthole eyes? – Did somebody say that? – People say I have butthole eyes ’cause I don’t sleep very
much and I have Crohn’s. So my eyes turn different colors. But I like it, I like my eyes. – I love your eyes! – I like looking like a raccoon. (laughing) No, seriously. Everybody else’s eyes,
they’re regular as fuck. And I look sick and scary. (camera shutter clicking) – [Tan] I kinda wanna see you in a different version of a sweatpant. You wear sweatpants all the time. – Those are awesome. – These are awesome. Thank you so much.
– Those are great. – I’ve seen you in
something like this before. It’s a simple, long sleeved shirt. So that’s just gonna cover. And then I wanna see you in pink. – [Pete] Yeah. – This is meant to be my version of Pete. Do you ever wear brogues or oxfords? – I thought oxford was a school. – It is also.
– Oh. (laughing) – Yeah.
– You try those on, Pete. You try those on.
– Yeah, cool. There’s not a lot of mirrors. There’s nothing worse than a
bathroom with a lot of mirrors. You catch yourself jerking in it. (laughing) What do you guys think? – You know, I’m not hating it. It feels like if I were
to see you out and about, I wouldn’t think, oh, he
looks really crazy different. It just– – This is like a nice lunch outfit. – What lunch spot would
you be going to for this? – I don’t know. I don’t know, Houlihan’s? – Oh, very nice. Do you often get dressed
up for lunch, Pete? – I do. (laughing) It looks great, very,
very fuckable outfit. (camera shutter clicking) – Now can we give you a John Mulaney? – Yeah, Mulaney time.
– Mulaney time. – All right.
– Okay. So I’m gonna put you in a suit. – [Pete] Okay. – You’re gonna be in it for
a very little amount of time. – Okay. – When you said that you
don’t wear turtlenecks because they make you look like– – Eeyore?
– Eeyore. – I just don’t, I don’t
really hold my head up. I’m learning how to do that, though. I bought the, Apple made this thing that you can put on your back or whatever. – Yeah, that changes your posture. – Yeah, but I’m waiting, I’m trying to use it on
one of my friends first to see if it’s funky or not. – Who’s the friend? – It’s like the lesser tier friend. – Oh my, no! – It’s a friend we’re
not afraid to get rid of. (laughing) – So he said he was a really good person, he’s just balanced it out. But he’s gonna swing it back around. – Actually, I’ll try the turtleneck.
– Okay. Will you give this a shot and then, you know you could do the boot with it. That’s not gonna piss me off. If you wanna try it, you’ll see.
– I’ll try the boots. – Okay. It’s Cimmaron. – Yeah, sure. – It looks so good. – I look exactly like Coulson. – That’s a good thing. Like the guy looks hot.
– Yeah. (camera shutter clicking) – I love that I put you in a suit and you’re just going
right into the burger. Does your mom date? – I’m trying to get her to. – How do you feel when your Mom dates? – I’m okay. Somebody should slam her. (gasping) Seriously. She’s been not with
anybody since my dad died. Somebody needs to get up in there and get that lady off my back. (laughing) – She might see this, Pete. – I don’t care. – Do you talk to her like this? – I mean at this point, I might fuck her. – Oh! If she would bring somebody home and you thought he was a dick, would you say something to her? – Yeah, I’d be like,
“Hey, that guys not cool. “But get it in.” You know what I mean? Nobody’s allowed. – Let me get you a napkin. – I’m fine.
– Here. – I’ll just use this jacket.
– Here’s a tissue. No no no. You don’t need to use the suit. That’s all right. There you go. This is Mulaney’s look. Mulaney does stand-up.
– Yeah. – I know you’ve done stand-up on the tour that you
were doing all spring. – Mhmm. – Is this gonna turn into a full on tour? Would you do actual stand-up on your own? Have you done stand-up on your own? – I do stand-up on my own but I don’t, it’s not fun. The road is very sad and depressing. As I’m sure you could imagine now. – No, I love being on my own in a hotel room.
– Even when you’re with your homies, it’s still sad you’re not home.
– Yeah, yeah. – I’m not touring unless it’s with Mulaney or any of my friends. – Do you enjoy doing it? – It’s the best. – The actual performing. – Yes. The actual, everything else sucks but being onstage is great. I think that’s true with everything. Everything sucks but the actual work. – You said that it’s depressing. – Yeah. – You are very open about the fact that you suffer
from mental health issues. – Yeah. Lots wrong up there. – What’s going on? – It’s not the coolest thing to have but go to a doctor and
get yourself checked out. – Do you talk to your friends about it? – Yeah. I mean we all talk about it, we all, I’ll be like, “Hey, I’m
gonna be weird today.” And they’re like, “All right.”
– All right. – That’s the wonderful thing about everybody knowing I’m nuts now, is now they don’t think I’m a dick. They’re like, “Oh, yeah. “He’s just having a rough one today.” – Yeah. Uh-huh.
– Yeah, yeah. – But it’s common with comedians. – Yeah. Luckily there’s this thing called Klonopin and now it’s pretty much always great. – Oh, I don’t know what that is. – It’s great. I have a Pez dispenser filled with it. (electronic music) – Final look.
– Awesome. – So we’re gonna go out to dinner. I wanna make sure that
you’re dressed appropriately. We’re going somewhere fancy. – Okay. – So I’m not gonna give you a Pete look. I’m gonna give you Tan’s
version of new Pete. – [Pete] Okay. – Pete are you done?
– Yeah. – Can I come in?
– Of course. – [Tan] Oh, you’ve been done. – Yeah, I was just chilling here. You took a while. I was hoping you’d come back. – [Tan] The jacket’s killer. – Yeah, I’m like Danny Zuko in today. (camera shutter clicking) – Can I tell you why I put you in this? – [Pete] Why? – It is a kind of a Tan, Antony look. – Your shoes, Antony’s
jacket, Bobby’s jeans. Bobby wears loose fitted jeans. – Does he?
– Somebody gotta tell that motherfucker
where the jean store is. – One thing that I haven’t
asked you about at all, what’s going on with SNL? – We just finished, I finished my 5th season. – Uh-huh?
– And we have hiatus. It’s pretty much like school. Where you just have summer vacation. We all just get to do
other projects and stuff. – We’re still lovin’ it? – I do.
– Good! – It’s a job but–
– It’s a job. – But there are still
moments where you’re like, “Yo, that’s fucking Adam Sandler.” I got to see him have fun and to know that you could still have fun 30 years in.
– Yeah yeah yeah. – Just like, during Opera Man. He stopped once and he went. (laughing) – Yeah, I notice. – That’s fucking, oh man, that’s so awesome. – Is he your favorite of all of ’em? – Yeah, he’s it. I mean, it’s Sandler, Eddie
Murphy, Burr, Chappelle, and Mulaney are my top five. – You’re ready to go out for dinner? – Yeah, I’m ready to go. – Sushi? After you. – [Pete] Hope you’re hungry. – All right, here we go. Okay. If you enjoyed that. If you liked all those outfits
like I did, comment below, and why aren’t you subscribed
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and subscribe bullshit? Let’s go, Tan. Come on. – Tell me who you wanna
have on the show next. (screaming) (upbeat music)


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