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– Hi, I’m Tan France and
this is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – Uh oh, uh oh, heeeey. – I’m going to be
pushing their style game. Just watch. Hello, Nick and Andrew. – Hi, how do we look? – You look like you’re ready to shop. – What’d you do with the barista? – Well, here’s the thing. Nick, he was dressed terribly, so we got rid of him. Ready to do this? – Yeah, sure. – All right. I’ll bring the coffee. – I think he might’ve killed the barista. – Do we tell somebody or– – No, let’s get some clothes and then see what happens. (upbeat music) – I know that, Nick,
you dress a certain way. I know we’re mostly here for you, Andrew, the more substantial project. You’ve known each other
since you were kids. – We’ve known each
other since first grade. [Tan] That’s insane! – And we used to wear
silk boxers back then. – Yes. His mom went to Hong Kong, and would bring us back silk boxers. Yeah, that is a really strange gift for your mom to bring back. – Well, I have a weird family. – All right. I love that you’re still friends. – Uh huh. – I’m sure you look at him thinking, “What the fuck is going on here.” – Uh huh, uh huh. – Before we start, I want to know, what do you think of the things he wears? – This sweatshirt
particularly drives me crazy. – It’s very Ariana Grande. Is that who you’re
channeling every morning when you’re getting ready? – No, I’m channeling being a short guy and just buying stuff
that doesn’t quite fit me. – What I see is the
manifestation of depression. (laughs) – Oooooh. Oh, oh. Nooooo. – No, no. (laughs) It’s cool. My clothes make him sad. That’s fine. – But Andrew is, because
that’s the thing, in his brain, and in his work, he’s incredibly organized. Everything is just so. – But he doesn’t dress like a boss. – I have two young kids,
and there’s a puppy, and there’s lunches. I grab the thing that’s on top. – What does your wife
think of how you dress? – She’s glad that I’m here today. – Yay! – Then she does not
like the way you dress. Wonderful. – And what do you think of how he dresses? – Nick dresses really well. I think there’s a reason
when he was asked to do this, he was like, “I think
Andrew should come along and get some help, too.” – You’re a dick. – No, not at all. – I kind of want to see
how you dress each other. – Oh. Okay. – You’ve known each other a long time. Go around. Find what you think is appropriate. Anywhere you want to go in the space. – Great. – Let’s look around. – How we doing, Andrew? – I don’t know. I got a shirt, I guess. – It’s a nice shirt. – A nothing shirt for a nice boy. – And the most basic
thing you could’ve found. – I feel like Nick might wear this. – Maybe. Sure. – You don’t need either of our approval. – Yeah, I want to know what you would pick. – You’re going to wear this, asshole. – Andrew, I could tell
you weren’t so comfortable because as I turned
around, you were like this. – Revolving in a circle. (laughter) – This is the hardest
thing I’ve ever done. – Yes, you could’ve– – Why? – I’m having trouble choosing for myself. (upbeat music) – I think this for Andrew
would be really nice. – Corporate guy. Yeah. – Like an adult man. – More adult man, less schlumpy dad. – Uh huh. Okay. – There’s a world where
Andrew becomes a terrible DJ. I’m attracted to the idea of
a residency in Vegas vibe. – Yeah. – I also think there’s a
world where he goes on tour with a ska band. You’ve got to let people
know that you love smoking those big old bongs. – Yeah (laughs). – Andrew? – Yes. – Every time I turn– – I look lost? – Yeah. – There’s a lot of when
I go shopping by myself, there’s a lot of, “Can I help you?” And I’m like, “No, I’m fine. This is just how I shop.” – One last thing. You always have to have the hat that says the thing that you like. I would love one that just says Fucking Donuts. I would straight up wear
a hat that says Donuts. – Sure. (camera clicking) – These are the outfits that
you’ve chose for each other. Let’s see how it looks. Thank you so much. – Tan, if I want to
change with the door open, can I? – I would rather you did. I’ve been married for
11 years so I’d really appreciate if you did. – I’ll give you a show.
– Thanks. – If you want, we can get right to it. We’ll get right to it. – Yes, please. – I’m very shy. I don’t want attention at all. – Andrew, are you almost decent? – These shoes are very complex. – You don’t need to finish. Just a general idea. Oh. That’s fine. Don’t worry about doing them all. I think he’s going get the
idea of how beautiful this is. – Oh. – You look like how you might look. – You look like a sexy schoolboy. – Yeah. – That’s what I feel like. (laughs) – I feel like his wife would totally vibe on sexy schoolboy. – You have really good legs. – [Andrew] Stop it! – [Nick] There’s a nice hair to the leg. – It’s not too much. It’s not too aggressive. – No, but there’s a manliness to it. – This is a bathing suit. – It is a bathing suit. – But do you think that I could, I could– – No! No! – Sorry, you don’t need
to finish the sentence. Don’t do that. – Yeah. – And then what do we think of his? – I think I did an okay job. – And a good jacket.
– You nailed it! Hello! You nailed– I mean, yes, there are certain points that are slightly off, but on the whole, he looks damn good! I don’t love the jacket. – I hate the jacket. I hate the jacket so much. – I fucking hate the jacket so hard. – Okay, wait, wait. Help me, help me. Why is the jacket so bad? – The shiny fabric is so bad.
– The shininess. It’s really the shininess
more than anything. – Yeah. Yeah. – I’m curious about your
take on popping a collar. – You don’t need to pop your collar. Douchebags pop their collars. – Well, what if I’m a
little bit of a douchebag? – You’re not. I’ve met you too many times
to know you’re not a dick. You don’t want to be that guy. – Take this jacket.
– It’s the worst. I know. Get rid of it. – An idiot picked that jacket. (camera clicking) – In Big Mouth, you guys
are your teenage selves. So I would like to dress you as a teen. – Okay. – We’re in our 40s. You guys, not me. Sorry, I said that as
if it was a collective. We are in our 40s. – Yeah, yes. – Just go back to those good years where we could do whatever we want. No fucks given. – [Nick] Yes. – Okay. – We’re going to try you what
kids are wearing these days. They love a camo. We love a silver. Actually, no, this wasn’t for you. This was for you. – No. – Yeah. – Shit. – Outbreak Margaritaville
guerrilla warfare bottoms. – Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah. You live in L.A. now. You know what the kids are wearing. It’s become a Kardashian state. – So we’re doing Kanye. We’re getting some Kanye beige vibes. – This is what the cool kids are doing. All right, gentlemen, are we ready? We can reveal ourselves,
please, if we are. – [Tan] Gorgeous! Uh huh. Oh, yeah. – Yeah. – Does it feel like you? It feels like you. – Yes, this feels like me. – I want to pop this collar. – But this one you can pop. – This is appropriate? – This one I’m really impressed with. – I look so much sillier than Nick. – [Nick] No. – What gives you that idea? Should we make it work. (laughs) – Oh, now, oh! – Yeah. Should we give it a
French tuck real quick? Do you mind if I do this? – Oh, yeah. – Uh, the dream. To be French tucked– – To get a French tuck by Tan. – I really think Colleen would like this. Or– – Bend down for us real quick. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– There we go. There we fucking go. – [Tan] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – For when Colleen pegs
you, this is perfect. You can just fucking get it. – Oh, I didn’t know
your wife was a pegger. That’s sweet. – Well, you know, when
she sees me in this, she won’t be able to help herself. – When it gets warm in L.A., you know it gets warm all the time– – Okay. – It doubles as an accessory. – That on a functional
level, I don’t hate. – If you’ve got a good friend, you just– – It’s a two person outfit. – Yeah. Here, Andrew, just– It’s a friend Bjorn. – We’ll have to get a
chair for the writer’s room that goes two ways, and kind of sit on it. – I’ll just be your chair. – Oh, yeah! You did well. – Yeah, see? Multifunctional clothing. – I’m going to take you off
– And there’s still room for your wife to peg you. – Yeah! (camera clicks) – I kind of don’t mind this look. – Here’s the thing. I know you’re a massive Kardashian fan– – I’m impressed by their business acumen. I wish they weren’t
encouraging young girls to get plastic surgery. I love Kanye’s music so much. – [Tan] Yes. – And his politics even more. – [Andrew] That looks like– – It feels like it’s missing something. – Ohhh. – Does it feel like it’s missing a beret? – Oh my God. Everything’s always missing a beret. – Is it me, or does that actually work on you? – I really, I do like the beret, honestly. – I’m part of the Kanye
French Resistance Army. And we are going to storm the Bastille and have an all-night concert. Where are we at with these and these? – Do you tie that? – Do you tie these? Do you tuck them in? – If I’ve got two, I
tuck the bottom one in and I leave the hoodie out. – Okay, how do you imply phallus? You know what I mean? – That’s the nice thing, because that hides it, whereas when you tuck it in– – Right, they can get a good look. – All you see in schlong. There it is. It’s lovely. – It’s gorgeous. – You can really track his
dick moving back and forth. – Have you got your silk boxers on? – No more silk boxers. – What did we graduate to, underwear-wise? – It’s a boxer brief. – Oh, a boxer brief. What do you wear? Is it a boxer brief? – It’s a, yes, like a boxer. No, it’s just boxers. – It’s not a dad boxer, though, right? – Can I show you my underpants? – We would love to see. – I’ve been waiting for 30 years for this. – I mean, you’re beating around the bush. – I should’ve just said, “Show me yo dick!” – “Take off your damn pants!” Like this. – It’s a dad boxer. – Oh, no! – No? These are bad? – Would you fuck that? – (laughs) No, but for other reasons. – I’m here. – No, no, not straight gay. We have to work together. That’s what it is. – Oh, fair enough. Yeah, yeah, yeah, right, you’re right. – Otherwise, I’d fuck the
fucking fuck out of him. – Really, these are bad? – You’ve got to get it in check. That’s not okay. – All right. – I mean, I’m not going to
ask about your sex life, but I can promise, you get that in check, you’ll have sex more often. Anyway, next look! (trendy music) Final two looks for Nick and Andrew is what I think they should
be wearing going forward. Let’s see if they love it as much as I do. All right, gentlemen, can we see? I love it on you! – Ooooh! – You look like a cool guy. – Like a cool guy? – You look, you look cool. You look like a guy I’d
say, “All right, he knows!” – I feel good. – [Nick] You ass looks
great I those jeans. – [Tan] His ass looks
great in these jeans! – Oh! Who’s that? – Actually, it’s fantastic. Your butt looks fantastic. – I like those jeans
and that jacket on you. And those boots. They all look great. – Thank you. – Will you come and tell
me what you think of yours? – I like the jacket. I do wear a lot of blues and stuff, so that feels about right. – And it brings out your eyes. Blue’s beautiful. – Oh, I didn’t even note that. I had no idea. – I think I’m following
in the long line of Jews who want to be cowboys. – Oh, that’s a thing, huh? – In the Ralph Lauren, Billy
Crystal in City Slickers vibe. – You look refined this way. – Yeah, the other way, you
look like a real asshole. – I think we achieved something. – I think we’ve achieved
a tremendous amount. – You weren’t the goal. You already looked– but I’m happy with this. – I’m very happy. And you, young man. – This is great. – This should be the new me. – He looks so hot, I’m going to try to fuck
him in the writer’s room. – I know. That’s what I was concerned
was going to happen. – That’s my only issue with the look. – Well, if that’s the biggest
problem, I’m fine with that. – Yeah, I think most
importantly, his wife Colleen– – Is going to want to peg him. – Yeah, exactly. – Even more than she already does. – All right, shall we get you back into your regular looks. – Absolutely. – And get out of here. Great. – Okay.
– Thank you so much gentlemen. – Thank you. (camera clicking) – All right, Tan. We’re all changed back. Ready to get a bite. – This is regular? – This is how we feel
most comfortable, yes. – Okay, should we do this? – Okay, we can go have some lunch. – Yes, please. Come on. All right. – Let’s go eat each other out. – Yes, (mumbles). That’s a rough one to handle. If you like what you saw today, simply subscribe, like, comment. Did you like their looks? If you do, I want to know which ones. And who do you want to
see on the show next? Let us know. Shall we go? Okay, let’s go. – [Hormone Monster] All
right, let’s go, Tan. – All right, let’s do this. Wait, if you can just
move to the left slightly. Yep, that way. Nope. Yep, no, we good? Yep. – Here we go. – Okay, we’re good. Yep, no, no, no, this way. – Let’s go get a smoothie. – Yep, that way, that way. Yep, this way, yep, yep. (hip hop music)


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