‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ Music Video (Loud House Style) | Nick

twelfth day of Christmas in The Loud House Family. Twelve dates for Lori. Oh Bobby Boo Boo Bear. Hot frog tamales,
coming through THEME SONG: Eleven
Leni stylings. This is the perfect
Christmas outfit. TINSEL LADY: Has anyone
seen all my tinsel? THEME SONG: Ten Luna rock-outs. All right. Ooo, drafty. Hee, hee THEME SONG: Nine
pranks from Luan. Aww, look at the loud family
getting jiggily with it. Ha, ha, ha. THEME SONG: Eight
sports with Lynn. Where did I put
my roller skates? I got field hockey today. Wait, there’s no roller
skates in field hockey. The way I play there is. THEME SONG: Seven
snacks for Lana. I want dog biscuits. They’re for Charles, I swear. Even though they are great
for my teeth, and my coat. THEME SONG: Six Lola pageants. Here she is, the next
Miss Cute and mean. [FART] THEME SONG: Five
Lincoln missions. You’ll go to the front yard
and sing Christmas carols here. I’ll hop the fence
and grab Big Red here. Strategic genius. One question, what’s that? Ugh, Charles! THEME SONG: Four Lucy poems. Inside the wall, I
choose to be alone. If I ever get stuck,
please listen for my moan. Right. THEME SONG: Three Lisa theorems. X equals no stinking way. Grr. THEME SONG: Two
Lily raspberries. [BABY SOUNDS] THEME SONG: And a big
chunk of Loud Family. VOICE OVER: Sing it Louds. THEME SONG: This year will be
the best on yet, cause that’s what Christmas is all about. Sorry, I got stuck
in a turtleneck. Can you repeat that? THEME SONG: Merry
Chirstmas from the Louds.


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