The Defeat of the Plot Against Islam&the Appearance of Mahdi (as)

Your work are your earned actions Had they kept their Islamic religion,
in Sham/Syria, these Alawites wouldn’t
have dared claim goverment from the
far end of the world. Allah Himself is the Judge. He is the Most Just of Judges. Ye Who heeds the prayer
of the desperate ones, remove our affliction & distress for the honour of your noble
Prophet (saws) who is Mercy to all Worlds Fatiha – La Ilaha illa Allah Hasten our release from suffering. Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim. The Era of Dictators will
not return once again. After kings will come dictators, then a man from my
family will come forth He’ll fill the world with justice. as it was filled with
darkness & injustice according to our belief
he will appear it means that Mahdi it was supposed
to occur on the Day of Hajjul Akbar This year, Allah knows best, will be
AlHajjul Akbar. worldly life cannot tolerate after what happened during these days cannot withstand another (seven years)
for the next Greatest Pilgrimage after seven more years We therefore hope that this year will be a
joyful, victorious year and the appearance of Mahdi (as) May Allah protect us from
the evil of our egos and from our bad actions. O Ye Reliever of calamities,
dispel our calamities All the entertainment
places shall be shut they are not suited to the
holiness of holy places in Hijaz, Sham sharif/ noble Sham, in Egypt & in Palestine as well Zahara Al-Fasadu Fi Al-Barri Wa
Al-Bahri Bima Kasabat Aydi An-Nasi Liyudhiqahum Ba`aa Al-Ladhi
Amilu La`allahum Yarji`una” (30:41) Did corruption appear or not ? Corruption has appeared amongst
Islam’s enemies in the East & West. The Westerners against Islam. They are ignorantly
trying is to destroy Islam. Allah has destroyed their
intentions on their heads. finish. The infidel world cannot
dare take any further steps nor the of people of the Book have
the courage to take one step forward with this technology of theirs.
This is their limit. They’ve stopped. they’ve stopped to be more careful.
One more step will destroy them. Now,they are in the process of
reviewing what they should do. This situation is not as we think. Beyond our knowledge & capacities
things we know not of. There are unfathomable,
countless & limitless powers. These are our limitations. after that we are not able to know
the limits of unfathomable things. They stopped out of fear and for
not knowing what to do. A whip has come from the sea then it came from under their feet,
then it came lashing on their heads like the tornado, & the sea hurricane
which made them realise that Within seconds, everything they
have invented and built was overturned and overthrown
by the tornado like that ! Where is your power, o poor ones ? it is not even the size of an ant. They have now realised that. then these ones have moved
the Islamic world they immediately realised, they are
cannot destroy the Islamic countries They said we shall destroy
them from within. They began their destruction process. these moves began in1909 or from
the beginning of the 20th century They did all they could with wiles to
spread corruption among Muslims. As a consequence they have reached
nowadays a state of helplessness in the face of an invisible Power from unseen Power Stations an invisible power appearing with a sign from the sky “or from under your feet”
and from under the knees in this life, the infidel
world are afraid waiting to see how and where the
Muslim world & its people will end up as a result of the devisive wiles they prepared throughout the
years& decades. what will be the outcome ?
The outcome of planting evil Evil has reached it’s target It’s impossible for wiles they spread
within Islam, to go one step further They used evil to destroy Islam. They invented all kinds
of corrupted means to corrupt Islamic world to
take over their lands first, then their honour & then
their religion and faith. However, Truth transcends all
and can never be superseded. Is that not so ? Let them use all the methods
to pacify the Islamic world to keep them quiet, and turn
them against the Islamic principles. They invented materialism, atheism, They invented communism & weren’t
successful in every ‘ism’ they created They are bankrupt. Atheism,Darwinism,
secular system, materialism, communism they unsuccessfully
invented many ‘isms’ Islam is like a high mountain
not affected by any gushing waves. it has no effect. Can sea
waves bring it down ? forgive us O Allah. However, Islamic people did
not yet take care nor realize all the kind of wily, humanely
inconceivable maneuvers that westerners have devised We are speaking here via an invention
that sends news between East to West what’s that ? Wa sakhar lakum ma
fisamawati wa ma fil ardi jameean He made subservient to you ALL that is in the heavens
and the earth (45:13) What’s the use ? one wave rose in seconds & in minutes reached them
from the middle of the ocean It reached them within minutes What they built to fight against
an invisible power,was impoverished arrogant people, because
of their fabrications another expression their
self-aggrandizement they thought they would be able
to control the subduing waves An unusual, overwhelming wave appeared
in the middle of the biggest ocean reaching them within minutes. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu
Akbar! Fatiha. This is an ocean. What they tell me I say. It is not
from me. It’s a warning for them. O lord Don’t make us heedless
ones and do not leave us to our egos for a blink of an eye.
Your sanctuary o lord, pardon us. Allah Almighty said : alaysa fiqum
rajulun Rashid (11:78) Is there not among you any upright
man? this is a statement to the world there is no longer any rightly
guided person with sensible conduct All are below this level of rushd. Itha wusidal amr ila ghair
ahlihi fantathirul al sa’a If things are handed to unqualified
ones,then expect the Day of Judgement. Matters now are in the hands of
men who are not upright. not upright;not sensible
..not reasonable Woe unto humans, animals,
plants & land! Woe unto them them from all evil that
shall befall them. Protect us O Lord. We seek your repentance
O Lord. Forgive us. This is an evaluation & assessment.
This speech inspired by them to guide and warn people so as they wake up. Glory be to You O Lord.
We seek your sanctuary Do not leave us to our egos
for a blink of an eye. pardon us. The issue of integrity doesn’t come by
reading books or from imitated titles No. This is not what is required,
but rather something else. our objective is theTruth and
not an imitatation of it. We seek Your repentance
& contentment dear Lord. Thank you my Lord.If we thank you
day and night, If we prostrate to you for 24 hours we cannot compensate you for anything

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