The ultimate Sprinter outfit for your outdoor lifestyle

I never really travelled too much but once I moved down here, I really wanted to explore and see the States So I decided to live in a van full time so I can not only travel, save money, but also have everything what I need with me at all times. A couple things that were super important to me were safety and performance. So I run with more aggressive tires so I don´t have to worry about flats in the back country. Drives well in the snow. Part of the most important things for us was to be able to stand up. We do live in here full time, and so being able to stand up in your home is pretty essential and it makes you feel welcome here and you can move around a lot easier. So we decided to make a huge cover top that felt just like a home kitchen. Our kitchen is really spacious. We have a lot of our overhead cabinets here where we keep a lot of our dry foods. And then we also have a fridge, which is great. It´s hidden behind this flip door here. We both really love to cook and we are always on the road and so it´s really important to us to make a lot of our own food. We eat pretty healthy, so we do probably 90 percent of our cooking in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van. Our whole van is powered by solar panels. For me as a photographer it is super important to have all the electricity, to power my laptop, camera and anything else in between There’s tons of storage which is huge for me. I’ve got stuff here, some stuff here, you’ve got storage up in here. This is our closet; we do keep all of our clothes in here. They open by a push, so they don´t fly open when we drive which is nice. Not only having a bed is super important, making it super comfortable. I also do a lot of my work in here, so it turns in your table. One of the things that has been so nice about our decision to do the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van is that everything is really quality, and so it was really nice to do the build out in an already really high quality vehicle.


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