The Untold Truth Of Harry Styles

Harry Styles launched a massive solo career
following his One Direction days, with a legion of fans who follow his every move. Though his star burns bright, Styles still
exudes the charm of a smalltown English boy. How does he do it? This is the untold truth of Harry Styles. After Harry Styles performed the still-unreleased
track “Medicine” live in May 2018, Billboard reported that “Twitter users immediately called the song
a bisexual anthem, claiming that [the] lyrics confirm the singer’s sexuality.” It’s easy to see what all the fuss was about,
what with lyrics like: “The boys and the girls are here/ I mess around
with him/ And I’m OK with it” Billboard also pointed out that it’s difficult
to discern the exact lyrics of the song, since the audio is really rather warbly. Either way, openly gay figure skater Adam
Rippon had this to say about the song: “I think he’s just sort of, like, on a journey
and he doesn’t really care. And I hope that, like, young kids can, like,
look to that and they can really, you know, go on a journey.” In August 2019, Rolling Stone profiled Styles,
writing that, “[He] likes to cultivate an aura of sexual
ambiguity, as overt as the pink polish on his nails…On his first solo tour, he frequently
waved the pride, bi, and trans flags.” So why, exactly, did he do that? Styles explained to Rolling Stone: “I want to make people feel comfortable being
whatever they want to be…I’m aware that as a white male, I don’t go through the same
things as a lot of the people that come to the shows. I can’t claim that I know what it’s like,
because I don’t. So I’m not trying to say, ‘I understand what
it’s like.’ I’m just trying to make people feel included
and seen.” As of this writing, the star hasn’t publicly
defined his sexuality, telling The Sun in 2018: “I don’t feel like it’s something I’ve ever
felt like I have to explain about myself.” Harry Styles has an estimated net worth of
50 million pounds, that’s approximately 64.8 million dollars. So of course it’s a bit hard to imagine him
ever working a day job. “So tell me a bit about you.” “Um. I work in a bakery.” At one point, Harry Styles was like every
other struggling musician. Before Simon Cowell plucked the singer from
The X Factor auditions, he indeed worked at a local bakery for two years. “We’re going to the bakery that I used to
work in. I always kind of pop in when I go home.” According to the Mirror, Styles was 14 years
old when he started working at W Mandeville bakery in his hometown of Holmes Chapel, England. The star made 6 pounds an hour, which is approximately
7 dollars and 80 cents. He cleaned the back areas and counters, mopped
the floors, and washed trays every Saturday. Though Styles presumably lives a cushy life
these days, he apparently never complained about the hard work. In fact, it sounds like he was a star employee. According to Simon Wakefield, his former boss, “He was the most polite member of staff we’ve
ever had. Customers really took a shine to him. The shop suddenly had an influx of girls when
Harry worked here. Sometimes there would be 12 of them pouring
in at one time.” Considering how people react to him now, that’s…pretty
much what we’d expect from the future cover boy. In his early years as a genuine celeb, Harry
Styles slept on a tiny mattress in a suburban attic. Emmy-winning producer Ben Winston opened up
to Rolling Stone about his friendship with Styles when One Direction was first getting
off the ground. According to him, Styles basically turned
into a house guest that wouldn’t leave. The singer had recently moved out of his childhood
home and purchased new digs near the Late Late Show with James Corden producer, but
he had to wait two weeks before he could move in. Styles asked if he could crash with Winston,
who happily obliged. But those two weeks suddenly turned into 20
months. As Winston told Rolling Stone, “Those 20 months were when they went from
being on a reality show, The X Factor, to being the biggest-selling artists in the world. That period of time, he was living with us
in the most mundane suburban situation…Even when we went out for a meal, it’s such a sweet
family neighborhood, no one dreamed it was actually him.” Harry Styles didn’t just leave behind his
bakery job when he made it big with One Direction, he also left behind his former band. According to the Manchester Evening News,
Styles was the lead singer of a pop punk band called, unfortunately enough, White Eskimo. “What sort of experience have you got, music-wise?” “Um, I’m in a band. I sing in a band with my friends at school
called White Eskimo.” Styles only lasted seven months with that
particular band, but the boys trucked on without him. As of the making of this video, they haven’t
sold over 50 million records like One Direction…but it looks like they’re still playing shows. They also released a music video for the song
“Save Me” in September 2019. Meanwhile, White Eskimo’s former lead singer
hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live in November 2019…but White Eskimo doesn’t
seem to be sweating it. Will Sweeny took over lead vocal duties after
Styles left, and he told the Manchester Evening News that the band doesn’t want to live in
the shadow of the former boy bander: “Trying to compare us to One Direction is
like comparing us to Westlife or Metallica to Take That. We are completely different. We haven’t been Simon Cowelled.” How sassy! Harry Styles’ mom might be the reason One
Direction ever happened. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer
admitted that he only ended up trying out for The X Factor because his mom suggested
the idea after hearing him sing in the car. As he puts it: “Your mum tells you things to make you feel
good, so you take it with a pinch of salt.” Styles ultimately competed in the solo boys
category, singing a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely, “much to judge Louis Walsh’s
dismay. “Harry, for all the right reasons, I’m going
to say no.” “No!” “Boooo!” Regardless, Simon Cowell saw something in
the young singer and brought him back to be part of One Direction. “I made a decision and I did this in about
ten minutes. Why don’t we put these five boys in a group?” “Is that how it happened? You were just called into a room?” “Yeah. I mean, you’re not going to say no.” “And you’d all been cut?” “Yeah.” “And then you were called back.” “Exactly.” In an interview with CBS, Styles discussed
the origins of One Direction’s name. He and his fellow band members were tossing
around different ideas and he thought One Direction sounded good. Evidently, the name is rather random and doesn’t
seem to hold any greater meaning. Asked what the name was all about, Styles
told CBS: “I don’t…I honestly don’t know. I suggested it and everyone was like ‘Yeah,
we like that,’ and it kind of stuck.” Harry Styles’ solo project was a success from
the start, and on both sides of the Atlantic. According to Forbes, his first self-titled,
full-length solo album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and has since gone platinum. He’s a Hot 100 regular when you factor in
his work with One Direction. His first solo single, “Sign of the Times,”
first hit the UK charts at No. 1. He’s also behind several songs you’ve likely
heard, but might not realize he wrote. In a 2014 MTV interview, Ariana Grande admitted
that Styles penned her track “A Little Bit of Your Heart” after a chance encounter between
the two artists at a recording studio. As she tells it: “He went into the other room and they were
writing for a while and I remember when I heard it I was like ‘Wow that’s a really strong
verse, that’s really beautiful’…and then the chorus I was like crying! So it’s great.” Styles also partnered up with Meghan Trainor
to write an acoustic love song called “Someday Maybe.” Trainor told BBC Radio 1 that she was surprised
a 20-year-old dude like Styles could write lyrics that were, quote, “poetic and mature.” The song was ultimately given to Michael Bublé,
who included it on his album Nobody But Me under the name “Someday.” Harry Styles reportedly has a passion for
romantic comedies. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, the singer
owned up to, or rather, was called out for, absolutely loving Nicholas Sparks films. He told host Nick Grimshaw, “We kind of got into a routine of like, we
would write, and then we’d have dinner.” “Uh-huh.” “And then we’d watch countless amounts of
romantic comedies.” He goes on to say, “[We’d watch] anything that Nicholas Sparks
has ever done…I always circle back to The Notebook.” “You love The Notebook.” “I don’t like The Notebook that much—” “You love The Notebook! You love the Notebook!” “Okay, I love The Notebook.” “You’ll never not watch the Notebook.” “It’s a good movie.” Teenage fangirls catch a lot of heat, and
Tumblr fan fiction doesn’t really help their case. Nonetheless, Harry Styles seems to see something
that the mainstream media doesn’t: Teen girls, who made up a huge chunk of One Direction’s
fan base, are the future, and they’re every bit as cool as all the hipsters who go crazy
over Arcade Fire. In fact, they’re some of the most honest,
genuine music fans out there. Styles told Rolling Stone in 2017, “Who’s to say that young girls who like pop
music, short for popular, right, have worse musical taste than a 30-year-old hipster guy? That’s not up to you to say.” He goes on to defend his fans, claiming that: “Young girls like the Beatles. You gonna tell me they’re not serious? How can you say young girls don’t get it? They’re our future. Our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents,
they kind of keep the world going. Teenage-girl fans, they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act ‘too cool.’ They like you, and they tell you. Which is sick.” So there. Harry Styles certainly channels Mick Jagger
with some of his wardrobe choices. He even did a spot-on impression of the Rolling
Stones star during a 2017 Saturday Night Live appearance. “‘Ello, yes, a lovely show, there’s a bit
of fun in it, whoo-hoo…oh!” But Styles’ lifestyle couldn’t be any more
different. He’s not, in fact, rolling fast like a Rolling
Stone. Instead, he might actually be one of the most
wholesome rock stars on the planet. In an interview with The Sun, Styles admitted
that he never really drank or did drugs on tour, partly because he was hyper-focused
on turning in a decent performance. He told the publication: “On the first couple of tours it was so exciting
as we’d have a drink and go to parties. But for me, the albums got higher so they
become harder to sing so I knew if I didn’t come off stage and go to bed I wouldn’t be
able to sing the next night. Also, it’s just not for me. I’d rather wake up with a clear head.” This sentiment somewhat sets him apart from
some of his former bandmates. According to the Daily Mail, Zayn Malik and
Louis Tomlinson were caught on video smoking what appeared to be a joint. And on his solo single “Good Years,” Malik
even referenced the divisive tour life, singing, “Too much drugs and alcohol / What the hell
were we fighting for?” Perhaps the reason Styles is so grounded has
to do with his solid upbringing. In 2017, he told Rolling Stone, “I feel very lucky. I had a great family and always felt loved.” That said, there were some truly trying times
when Harry was growing up. His parents split up when the singer was seven
years old, and Styles reportedly teared up while discussing this chapter of his life
with Rolling Stone. During the interview, he realized he’d forgotten
the exact moment he was told his dad would be moving out of the house: “Honestly, when you’re that young, you can
kind of block it out…I can’t say that I remember the exact thing. I didn’t realize that was the case until just
now. Yeah, I mean, I was seven. It’s one of those things. Feeling supported and loved by my parents
never changed.” To this day, Styles remains close to both
of his parents. He even served as the best man when his mother
remarried. Longtime fans of One Direction know the band
seemingly imploded when Zayn Malik left in the middle of their massive 2015 world tour,
officially quitting shortly thereafter. As Us Weekly reports, the hiatus became indefinite
in 2016. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t Malik
who originally voiced his desire to take a break…although he later told Beats 1 Radio: “I never really wanted to be there, like,
in the band. Like, I just gave it a go because it was there
at the time.” In fact, it was reportedly Styles who first
suggested that the band take a break in 2014. Eventually, his fellow boy-banders agreed,
and they made the announcement a few months after Malik left. In 2017, Styles told Rolling Stone: “I didn’t want to exhaust our fan base. If you’re shortsighted, you can think, ‘Let’s
just keep touring,’ but we all thought too much of the group than to let that happen. You realize you’re exhausted and you don’t
want to drain people’s belief in you.” So, now we can officially stop blaming Zayn
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