This how i change my appearance with loa

Hi im richer morin founder pf and today I’m gonna teach you how to change a parens so you
can change anybody part you want and become superhuman you desire to be did
you know that your body is always changing each and every year you have a
new body so when you were a young boy a young girl your body wasn’t the same
thing today it’s changed so you your intention and the way you talk to
yourself and how you believe and how you feel about yourself
has meant back how your body is always recycling because every cells in your
body is always changing each and every day but rich how do I change that I’ll
going to change my belief about myself how do I change the feeling about myself
and how do I believe that can be someone else and I can change my body part is it
really possible that’s the first step you have to believe that is possible if
you don’t believe that’s possible the universe is gonna show you that’s not
possible so the first step you can do is
open-ended questions what does it mean open-ended questions we always ask
yourself that question that makes us see the result of something each question we
ask as an impact on our experience as a human as a divine being and this is
simple just ask yourself this one simple question if right now it was easy to me
to believe that I can change my body easily why would he change in my
experience right now what would he change in my mindset in the way I see
myself and things like that and when you ask something like that take the moment
and don’t don’t answer with your hand take the time to really answer from your
body what I mean by that is you ask a question you wait for the body answer
try it right now ask yourself if right now I was believing that is easy for me
to change my physical appearance how would I feel and what would it change in
my mindset in the way I think about myself
second step guys is visualization they dreaming what I mean by not these close
your eyes right now and see yourself physically how you look
or maybe the part you want to change in your life and maybe it’s your nose maybe
it’s you here maybe it’s your eyes color whatever it is so imagining your hair
right now that you already are this person with this smaller nose or this
longer here or these changed eyes and things like that now ask yourself when
you imagine this person other she looks of this person and express herself or
himself or this person thing about her or him how this person lives through
life and try to ask open questions so we can create a person vividly in your mind
and when you’re done with that it’s simple imagine that this person that you
imagine in your head you visualize come out of your mind and it was just in
front of you right now and this person with the body part that you really love
you really like is infront of you right now I imagine that this person right now
is coming and is entering your being right now how does it feel to be this
person with the body part you like how do you think as this person right now
and what does it change in your whole being being this person that’s all you
feel into interact throughout your day you do your day and you just imagine
that you are this person and that this person is part of you right now and it’s
inside of you that is who you are and live throughout like that and when you
do your day and you do your daily things you just watch through that perception
and if you have like other things that’s blocking like oh I don’t believe it’s
possible for me I don’t feel it can be possible I cannot change my body like
God it’s not and it’s not possible so just remember again what you believe in
is gonna be what you expressed to universe and your
if you believe it’s not possible thing is gonna happen is it’s not it’s gonna
be not possible for you to universe is gonna show you exactly that it’s not
possible so let’s just go and do it a third part third step so the third step
is a technique that I’ve learned from the last four years with my mentor and
its really good so if you have this stance like that and and you don’t feel
it’s true for you even if you did the visualization and the dreaming in you
you’ve seen some resistance and your body can be um belief it can be a
feeling of not being true and that it doesn’t work for you so what you do is
simple third step it’s called the Pell in French but in English and you can
tell that the shovel or whatever so whatever resistance you have can be
belief it can be something in your body we all know that resistance is gonna
bring new resistance in your life so what do you do about that it’s simple
guys you just state the thing that is resisting because you want something
really there’s something resisting in your body can be belief can be physical
it can be energetic it can be whatever you believe in so when you know exactly
they’re resistance itself the belief itself you scale it on a scale of one to
ten ten being like it’s really true for me I really feel it’s true what I see
when I say I feel it’s true in my body I feel like there’s something true about
that in my mind I feel there’s a belief that is so true and I cannot detach
myself from that and this is gonna prevent you from getting the body you
want so what do you do about that as I said you do the technique of scaling
from one to ten ten being it’s really true for me I really feel it’s true for
me it can be one it’s still true for me but I don’t
really believe in it but it still have an impact on what you want in your life
so what’d you do after that is you measure the intensity of the belief or a
feeling or a resistance from what you wanna create and what you do after that
is a simple technique you take your hair like that because like right now I’m
like that if I go back take your hand like that you imagine the feeling that
the belief that you’re trying to get rid of to release going through your hand
you take it into your hand and you just take it and you give it to the universe
you take your breath exhale focus on something physical in front of you to
distract your mind from what we’re doing so we can see the change when you come
back do that for about 30 seconds to one minute if you don’t feel any change
that’s okay that’s totally normal just focus on something in front of you and
when you feel it’s done like maybe after one minute you come back you stand again
the the resistance the belief out loud and you feel the difference the main
goal of doing this thing is you state again the thing the resistance and you
see the difference you do that until when you say all of the resistance the
belief until you feel it’s all right off until you feel cool about it
balanced it can be like it’s impossible for me to have bigger nose because
impossible to change this part you say that it’s a 10 you do the technique and
you’re more at six like when you say it although it’s like you know it’s changed
like I feel different and you do it until you had zero when you see it it
doesn’t do anything for you and you just want peace with it so that’s that the
third part of shortly the fourth step is fine placebo each
time we do something we drink something we eat something we always have an
intent behind it like when you eat the food you have the intent of being more
healthy you know when you’re gonna eat the fruit is gonna give you more energy
it’s gonna give you more purity in your body and things like that if we can do
that with fruit and have these kind of intense imagine if you just take maybe
like bottled water and we all know that the placebo effect can really help a lot
of people there has been a lot of stories about that so you can do it each
time you take like a sip of water a sip of any liquid are or you breathe or
whatever you just have in your mind like when you drink this water you can say
each time I drink that it’s helping me change the body part I want change so I
take a sip water and I have that in my mind it’s like the two cup effect or the
water effect there’s a science and scientists that took two to cup of water
he took two line of person the first bottle of water was about love people
were giving love to the water and the right one was hate and people was giving
hate to the water and they were saying bad things to the water on the Left they
were saying good thing after that after the study what they did is they take
these two waters and they wash the molecule in the water and in the pure
water in the love water it was so pure Malikov water was really
good and right built but the eight water was more destructive it was more black
it was I mean by that that structure of the matic of water was unfinished was
badly done just because of the intent of person saying something to that so
imagine if you each time you drink a sip of water you imagine yourself as you
want to be and you just say some I’m drinking the water from the one I am
in my visualization rink like that so that the part of finding placebo the
fifth step it’s about act as if act as if you
already were this person talk like you were already having the party party
warrior like if people ask you what’s happening with young like I’m happy bro
and they say like no you know it used to be happy no no no that’s not true I’m
like now it is it’s the truth it’s how I am now and you just act like an actor
and you act like it was true for you right now
it’s gonna change your body and he’s gonna change your mindset because our
words have so much impact in her body just right now to see the logic of it we
have one mouth in two ears that means that everything we say goes twice in our
mind goes twice in her body and everything we just say inside of up
without taking your vocals it has an impact on us it’s like the water thing I
just talked about each thing you say inside of your you fear inside of you
it’s gonna express to your body it’s gonna express to do it through you
energy and through your action everything else so just fake it until
you make it like the book says just imagine imagine yourself as you want to
be act as if it was already done and the last step give an intention to do to the
universe to help you you can do that with this simple technique as we did on
the second step you visualize yourself you drive exactly how you want to be
it’s not just about physical you can do that for like personality for the way
you are there will you interact with the world can see yourself see how you are
see how you feel see all you talk see yourself and all these things ask
open-ended questions and after that I can do is take this person from your
mantle for imagination and do some chicken or some energy things you just
imagine that this person you believe is right in front of you right now in
this bubble that I just created yeah why not why not guys so this is me the thing
I want to be in my life it’s me it’s like this is like this symbol it’s the
thing so this is what I want to be so what I want is the universe to help me
so I take it and I just give it to the universe that’s the intention I want to
be this is the visualization I just did and I’m just saying thanks universe now
you know exactly what I want please help me with that you just give
it to universe and you let it go and that’s it guys that’s the sixth step to
really create the appearance you want and also don’t forget you have to also
act in life is not just about imagination and visualization or our
intention and things like that nothing works without movement guys everything
is always moving this is a seven step this is the result guys I don’t train at
all maybe I do two to three minutes of training each week on that chin up bar
and check I don’t train I don’t train at home but as you can see
I have a shape because I’ve worked on that I see myself in shape I just do
this simple exercise it’s like 1/2 minute and it gives me some some shape
see it’s about acting seeing intention and all that if you liked this video hit
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