Thug Life All India Bakchod Version(Guest Appearance Kanan Gill)

International What’d you got ? Ebola spreading in africa , Sir Oh man one second anybody does anybody have a fuck to give this guy I think I have left my fuck at home One second let’s see if I have a fuck here in my pocket Remember, when you don’t what else to say just add Always works Always Does standup help getting laid ? Why is Rohan Joshi so hot It’s cause I’m gujju innit..!! Why is khamba’s facial expressions always tense? I know he comes across like he’s always tensed But sometimes his facial expressions changes What if AIB had a chance to rule India for just One day All India Bakchod Sarkar ne gaanja phuknaa legal kar diya hai How’s it going girls I’m Ashish Shakya Chutta nai hai Hey ladies how’s it going I’m Rohan Joshi Fuck OFF Hi ladies,I’m Kanan Gill Let’s take a selfie My place after ? Sure How do you handle nonsensical comments on your joke?


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