Tiny Houseboat Build – New Floor, Cabinet, Table, Countertop, and Custom Bathroom Slide-out – 2

Going to fix the boat! What’s color is your favorite? What’s color is your favorite? Once I get all that done. It’s going to have to sit for 24 hours. Then I’m going to have to cut it. As soon as I get all that resin on both sides It won’t take but a couple hours to put it all in. Get the Henry’s for the roof. Get some patches for the holes and then we’ll do the roll Of Henry On top of the roof Okay It’s like I said. It’s just. It’s what they use on mobile homes Campers. Metal roof. Anything
metal roof. Okay It’s a good seal. It comes in white. So it’s perfect. And it’s a whole lot cheaper. Awesome.

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