Todd White – Lifestyle Christianity – Hot or Cold. Choose One.

How do you know that Jesus loves you? Can I tell you a little story? You guys ok? Guess what… I hated Christians growing up. I hated everybody. I could not stand you. You know why? Because I never saw Christ in any of you,
and I am not pointing the finger at you now. I am saying in my life growing up. I never saw Christ in anybody. I heard a lot of confession, but I saw a lot
of hypocrisy. Why would I want to be a hypocrite? Now when I read the bible. I read the one thing that Jesus rebuked the
most And that is what it was
He actually said “You know what, I wish that you were either cold or
hot” That doesn’t make sense to the mind… Because cold… You have no idea… That was me. I was freezing cold. Nobody told me anything about God. Nobody approach me for 22 years of drug addiction
and atheism. Not one Christian came up to me and told me
how amazing God thought I was
Not one! Everybody was too afraid. Too busy with their day. Too, too busy with their church. Too busy with the four walls of the church. Nobody came up to me and told me how amazing
God thought I was. And people that did told me that if I didn’t
change my ways, that I was going to hell. And hell was a threat. We should never threaten people with hell. Warning is goo, threatening is bad. Jesus never threatened people with hell. He warned of hell. He never threatened. I love what Reinhard says. He says, “You treating an enemy, you warn
a friend”

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