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Today when we were on the street
I know that we came upon a group of kids these dancers
and it was amazing God just went around and started healing all
of them does your back give you any trouble at all
right now? i need you to sit right here and put your
back against that beam right there im not going to hurt you
i want you to look and see one of her legs is an inch and a half short
oh really Father i thank you in Jesus name
left leg i command you grow, right now i felt it! So good competely done There was a pain right here no pain at all right now. completely crushed.
This is like the power of God rather than going to church on a sunday alone
it’s the power of the Holy Spirit It’s the power of God that comes and crushes
sickness and disease cause i really felt my leg moving
God can like move and touch all these kids and see lives just transformed man
just by the power and love of God. I want you to say in Jesus name
ok in Jesus name Chest I command you
i command you to be clear right now should be getting warm in there right now.
check it out im going to tell them it’s not there anymore
you’re breathing better you’re really breathing better right now
yeah, earlier it was like yeah but right now take a big breath
what’s going on its better
it’s better man, is it gone? im not sure yet.
c’mon, Father we thank you in Jesus name chest we command you be clear right now
all flem i command you let him go right now i did feel some warmness
i guarantee it right now its still warm Lord more in Jesus name God
heat it up right now what’s going on. Is it warm in there? it’s starting to feel better
yeah dude its completely clear God’s amazing dude
if we’re confident in who we are in Christ and in who Christ is in us
we will walk in dominion and in authority in any sitution ok so breathing. do you have any kind of asthma or anything in your family line NO ok so we just you to breathe better
that’d be it father i just thank you in Jesus name God
lungs we command you be clear right now Father thank you in Jesus name
breathing i command you be restored right now Father thank you for wholeness God
lungs be clear take a big breath man.
oh gosh, woah i can breathe like through both of my lungs now
really? yeah it was just stuck over here wow thanks! i a beat boy, i drink and i got the
i mean yeah i have shoulder pains but they come and go
yeah, so your shoulders give you trouble? shoulder
when you move your arm around do you feel tightness in your shoulder at all? yeah it pops like, does it?
yeah Father i thank you in Jesus name
shoulder i command you to be healed right now every bit of popping and cracking i command you to go right now
in Jesus name let him go it should be getting warm in there
what are you feeling in there right now yeah its getting warm
yeah, lord thank you for no more cracking no more popping
in Jesus name, no more is it tingling in there
what’s it feeling like? feels numb Really does that thing gives you trouble man it stops some stuff that you have to do if you guys like are all healed you could
dance so much better i know!
dude and i just want to encouarge you to be the best you that God made you to be
don’t try to be anybody else dude i love those dreads, they’re fat man i just want to pray one more time lord i thank you in the name of Jesus God
for everyone watching God i thank you that you give them the dominion,
the authority, that Jesus received the righteous reward that he paid a price for
he didn’t pay a price just to get us to heaven he paid a price to get heaven into you
in Jesus name be the church

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