Top 3 MUST HAVE Shirts for Men | SSE | EPISODE 1

What’s up guys, my name is Joe and today
I’m bringing you a brand new five-part series from an awesome independent
clothing shop limited Manchester in the heart of the city store style essentials
is all about giving you well the essentials the information that
you need to build a solid wardrobe which looks great is efficient but most
importantly provides the basics to building a great outfit and each episode
we’re going to tackle a different aspect of clothing so in today’s episode we’re
talking all about t-shirts and shirts but in the future we’ll tackle
everything from jeans to outerwear to shoes we’re gonna cover all the base and
in each category I’m gonna show you guys three different variations so for shirts
and t-shirts we got three different times of course if at any point you are
enjoying what you’re watching leaving a thumbs up that means a lot to me item
number one is the most essential item that every guy should own and that’s
white t-shirts and black t-shirt if you don’t own either of these items then you
immediately lose for Bluemont points alright two points for t-shirt we’re not
messing around over here what classifies as an essential in my eyes is
versatility and that is what this is all about these two shirts go with pretty
much everything and of course the other benefit is the price now you could go
out and buy a $50 white t-shirt or $50 black t-shirt but you know why would you
black or white shirt with either no or very little branding you can pick up one
of these that are made from high quality material for like 10 to $15 you really
shouldn’t be spending more than that unless you really want now both can be
worn all year long and you know I know that I do that but if you want to break
it down blacks are better for the colder season whites are great for this summer
like it is right now but really you know you can mix and match all year long
touching on that versatility you can wear them on their own for a clean
simple look or you could layer them with some outerwear pieces which we’ll talk
about in a later episode to give you a bit more of a dynamic look for item
number two still talking t-shirts but more specifically longline I mean this
isn’t essential for any taller guy out there once you start getting into long
lines that’s like one of the first steps to rocking a more street wear look and
they’re really cool can I step up from being you know as basic as possible with
the white and black t-shirts but it’ll still work for any
casual occasion you can still keep it simple by picking a plain colored
longline or I like what I’ve done here is pick up something with a little bit
of texture to it I’m a huge texture guy when it comes to clothing I love items
that have a unique feel to them and you can really see that emphasized with this
piece right here my favorite way to utilize a long line is by layering with
an outerwear pretending that extra piece of fabric that hangs below your
outerwear piece just looks you know adds way more of a damp dynamic look than
having your t-shirt and outerwear piece line up at the way and the reason why
long lines are a good option for taller guys is because they can help to
proportion you a little bit for shorter guys long lines might actually make you
look even shorter so that’s just something to consider also I’m not a fan
of long lines that are so long that they look like dresses I say coming down to
the bottom of your but that is a good length for a long line and shirt for our
third and final piece our list would be definitely incomplete without talking
about button-up I’m keeping the casual team going so I’ve got this gray
button-up from River Island and also this stone checkered pattern shirt from
Levi’s that are both designed to be worn untucked but if we’re talking a more
business casual look than a definite must is a simple white oxford shirt the
nice thing about Oxford shirt so that they can be either tucked in or left
untucked depending on the occasion they’re at that perfect length where
they look fine on tie but tuck them in throw on a belt that looks badass
now there’s two main ways to wear button ups either buttoned up with an
undershirt underneath or no shirt at all or layered with a t-shirt and left open
the only thing that I would avoid is buttoning up a button-up shirt over a
normal t-shirt I’ve done that many times in the past but I’ve learned sin with
outside guys make sure to subscribe and tune back in next Friday for episode 2
when we’re gonna be talking all about jeans and pants thanks for watching and
I’ll be seeing everybody next time


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