Top 3 Nippon Shafts – Custom Fitter’s Review #MizunoJPX919 #TaylormadeP790 #CallawayRogue

hey this is ForeGolf Custom, today
we’re looking at Nippon shafts a little bit of a different scenario for you
today I’m gonna look at three specific shafts from the Nippon range I’m gonna
look at the 850 gh I’m gonna look at the 950 GH NS Pro and I’m also gonna look at
the Modus3 105. These are our three most popular shafts here
at fittings but we’re gonna do things a little bit differently kind of like if
you were getting kind of wine paired with cheese or kind of craft beer with
food on a menu I’m gonna show you the shafts and the heads that work best with
them so you can get an understanding about not only how the shafts work but
how they will work with the three different heads that we find work best
the three specific has we’re gonna look at with the 850 GH we’re gonna look at
the P 790 from TaylorMade a strange combination you might think but actually
one of the best out there I’m also gonna take Callaway’s rogue iron and pair that
with the 950 shaft from Nippon and then the finally with the tour 105 that mode
is to 105 were actually you put that into the Mizuno jpx nine one nine forged
this is a video you’re gonna want to watch because we’ve got a giveaway at
the end of this video I’m gonna show you how we’re gonna give away a set of the
brand new Nippon NS pro 950 neo shaft we’re gonna have two lucky winners are
gonna win that shaft so watch to the end and you’ll see how we’re gonna give
those away so when it comes to testing the shafts I think one of these simplest
things to do is let’s get it up on track man so we got track man for Dave and I
took some shots and then we got a sense of why – out how the shaft works and
then what was the best head to pair it against we did to have some initial
thoughts but we really wanted to just see what was the best out there and I
guess one of the one of the strange things that people are gonna get from
this is the fact that we’ve paired them with different heads and I know the very
first one over the blocks the NS Pro 850 that’s gonna be the one when we say that
it’s with P 790 P we’re gonna go up no no no why would you why would you put up
with that chat so why would you put up a bat jack
well I mean from a from a fittings perspective and an amateur golfers
perspective there’s always that look for distance and speed come west Club more
control so as the ultimate in speed product
the lightweight from the Nippon 850 in the quickest head
at a normal decent value money-wise then P 790 ticks all those boxes just to note
as well I mean there are lighter weights in the nippon range and when they drop
down into the service and they’ve got this phenomenal way of at blending
carbon fiber and steel together and you know one of the reasons we love nippon
is because they’re so right at the tech edge of course we have a technology but
85 or 850 is a shaft that we would use a lot and I love using it because it gives
instant feel of the head without having to soft absolutely yes and let’s talk a
bit about them to see flex the flex range I mean it comes in regular and
stiff and I guess that one of the great questions is gonna be I don’t know if
I’m regular aroused it so it 50 probably subject the contrary belief is the
association is with weight and stiffness so I think the first point they get over
is that just because it is light doesn’t mean that it’s weak in fact the 850 is
one of the strongest light weights that the industry has it’s a great point to
note worth subscriber for a long day is giving you gold and tips here so 850 as
a product plays it’s different yes Dan it’s all about of the 950 so I guess
then from an arguments perspective it the light awaits allows for more club
head speed in most cases hence you’re using probably the stiff shaft to
control the extra speed that’s there more often than not would you use more
stiff than regular I would use more stiff than regular but in 850 I would
use quite a bit of regular because it’s a fairly solid regular at the same sense
great set point and then would you rate it would you use the different flexes
down to regulate the flight is that how you would use it already based purely on
player feel I think what I mean we’re gonna go into 9:50 so we’ll start that
blend conversation now but I’d I’d use 850 is my stiffest and then 950 stiff a
little bit softer and then 850 regular a bit softer than that and then 950
regular as the softest in terms of a stiffness profile going down in terms of
feel but I think when it becomes a conversation about speed and getting the
golf ball to go as far as a tan you have to be able to control spin which is why
the firmness over the weakness so Bin’s perspective so 850 mp7 90 you
heard it here best blended for those two that shaft in
that head if you’re looking at that chap that’s a really good head to consider if
it’s a speed conversation looking for ultimate and speed they’re the two top
speed heads head and shaft together yeah okay so one of our favorite shafts of
all time it’s been around since 1999 it’s had 200 tour wins it’s sold like
it’s I don’t know 40 million shafts worldwide in its lifetime I’d say one of
our most popular shots from players because of how it it loads and how it
flexes and how it releases and the fact that it’s light weights or as loads of
feel in it is the 950 the NS Pro 950 gah I suppose it’s been one of our longest
ears longest most used because it I guess when it came out as he said in
1999 it became the first sub hundred gram shaft to the marketplace yeah so
I’m quite ashamed to say that we’ve been around long enough exactly yeah but we
paired this shaft with Callaway’s rogue product I’m specifically there there
rogue there normal role care there’s a rogue and Rogue X and I’ll put links to
those later on the actual head reviews that we’ve done but the rogue standard I
guess is the best the best head that we find works well with this and tell me
why if we if we’re gonna put a story around that combination it’s a flight
thing it’s a getting the ball up into the air it’s making it feel like it’s
release and I’m not cutting so that traditional low cut which tends to be an
amateur fault is a very very good pairing with this because the 950 hits
it higher than the 850 so you get plenty of launch out of it plays a little bit
softer so it rules and a little bit quicker yeah and then when you put it
with the raw head with that bit of forgiveness and that little bit of
offset but plenty of loft yeah and plenty of launch then the thing comes
out real nice and stable real nice and high and can rule in ever-so-slightly as
goals so people of all this and I got a few questions about this which is we’re
gonna bring them in now but people’s I got a question from somebody saying how
do I know if I’m graphite or steel and that’s a really good question very valid
question the fact that we’re using lightweight steel is there a is there a
way to understand for people watch and the
I’m graphite or under steel what I mean lightweight steel revolutionized the
market because it gave people the facility of combining two pieces of
technology certainly the time back 1990s where graphite was heavy and steel was
heavy so you already went graphite if you needed to be lights yeah and just to
quantify doubt I mean we were on tour and I remember we’re dealing with shafts
or there were 130 640 grams yeah and I mean now to have a shaft that comes in
around that 90 mid-90s is revolution it and still retains the the consistency of
feel and the way that it performs is quite remarkable the fact that it’s you
know so light it’s what steel did is it allowed people who wanted the speed and
light witness of graphite but with the stability and control of steel so it
became a distance control story which stretches and that’s so if we all been
honest that’s what we were looking for more control a bit more sort of I guess
spin control as well and flight control yeah open the end then use a lightweight
steel maybe go a little softer maybe go to regular but in this shaft you’re not
to be afraid of stiff you know cuz the it’s that it’s really soft and stiff and
I’ve seen and that’s part of its flight that’s part of its height right
accompany next took quite a few clients where normally people would consider X
would be a pro or a tour shaft yeah in 1950 that’s not the case it’s it’s I
guess to what a lot of other people it just plays stiff so the X plays stiff
and then the stiff players in all money’s terms firm it’s not too stiff
not too soft it’s simple in the middle okay so rogon NS pro 950 great
combination yeah story is flight height get it up in
the air again at launch choice there’s a control then a shaft end the modus three
Tour 105 a fairly new shaft adapted to the modus range there are odor weights
and motors but we love 105 in fact I’m using 105 myself and I love the balance
of but I like the fact that I can feel the club head and and it flexes just
right for me in terms of how it goes off in terms of impact
yeah and we’ve paired this with Mizuno’s jpx 91
for and I think that’s a fairly you know that’s a fairly good solid combination
but why did you pick that head again it’s it’s almost the reverse flight
conversation we’ve just had with the rogue and the 950 is it it has the word
tour and it I don’t again that’s not to be confused with being a product that
only tall players would use its 160 wins and it’s got quite a few players but put
it across the range but you’re right don’t let that be no cuz it it it just
in this sense means control of height and control of spin and lowering the
launch and keeping it flat through the air and keeping the distance control
element go and rather than in two different winds and down wind and it was
a low spinning and it works really well with these newer sort of launching heads
yes they kind of fly yeah regulate spin really well and then the real kind of
looks of this and why it works so really really well is it’s it’s almost let’s be
honest golfers as a sport we’re averaging wood we’re getting all the
reserve there’s a family of players so we’re you and I grown or played dynamic
gold s-300 because it was the stock shaft I guess it was because it always
warranties it is dynamic gold s-300 in a modern beer profile in terms of
performance it’s less heavy but it still has the same feel it still has the film
flies are still lightweight players version the lightweight position guys
well from dynamic gold into this do because the the see that it’s light I
put the modern day ahead being less heavy as well that then because the
shafts forced the head right and then the shafts then working better with the
heads from this they were elimination to in terms of the head with that with that
the metals and the terms of this quarter after face and then
105 as batches it gives you a good way of kind of if you’ve lost a little bit
of distance through age not being all but from your 20s dear forties it gives
you that distance that you would have had back in your twenties bugging you
absolutely yeah so the last three shafts we’ve talked about are all lightweight
shafts from Nippon they obviously do heavier weights I just wanted to say be
careful with lightweight shafts and that it’s all gonna work well with you from a
fitting perspective shaft weight is directly linked to your rhythm and tempo
so please be fitted for the shaft before you put it into your iron it’s the right
way to do it it’s the only way to do it and as it’s linked to your rhythm and
tempo you want to make sure that that light weights gonna work with you and
the way that you swing all shafts from Nippon are made in Japan one of the
reasons why we love working with them and why we use them here in fittings a
lot is because of the tolerances that they have the way the Hat the shafts are
all hand inspected and hand inspected by i right through their line means that
the quality of the tolerance of the shaft that comes from the factory
matches the way that we get from their fitting so we love using their product
also they’ve been doing it since 1959 so they’ve been added a long time they know
what they’re doing and if you want to check out the reviews of the heads that
we paired with the shafts you can see the links down below I’ll put them there
and you can see the heads that we we paired with the shafts we’ve reviewed
them already you can see those videos they’re gonna give a few shafts away but
not just any shaft we’re gonna give away new ponds brand new 950 neo shaft this
is their new much better balance shaft it flows better it kicks better it’s
kind of an upgrade or a kind of a juiced-up version of their 950 their
success most successful shafts at their design we’re gonna give away two sets to
lucky viewers are going to win these shafts and they’re also gonna win a
30-minute fitting session with us so regretfully this is probably gonna only
suit golfers in Ireland but if you are from the UK or in the US and you fancy
traveling over if you win hey come on over we’ll fit you up and we’ll put the
new 950 Neill shaft into your irons but it will be properly fitted so what I
want to know is when did a Nippon start Nippon shaft when did it start they
celebrated a big birthday this year I want to know how old our new pond shaft
so if you could answer below in the comments stick in that number we’ll pick
two lucky winners get you in for your fittings until the next time don’t
forget to subscribe hit the bell you’ll get notified of the videos when they go
live and appreciate you watching hope you enjoy the content pair that with a
Calloway’s sorry start again is there there or death very some of the
new 950 neo shafts so click on the link down below


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