Trying 11 Fun DIY Clothing and Fashion life Hacks by Crafty Panda

– Hey guys, how you doing? My names Robby. Guess what, guys? Nine more, woo! Four more. Three more. And one more! One more, Tor! (Robby screams) We did, guys. We hit two million! Tor, two whole million! That’s double one million, you understand? – That is double one million. – [Robby] I’m good at math. – Good job. – Here, high five! I don’t even know what to say, I’m sorry. That’s just, oh, that’s just so crazy. Six months ago, we hit one million? And now, we’re at two million. Very very crazy. Thank you, everyone, so much for helping me get to this point, and thanks for subscribing
and turning on notifications and all that fun stuff. You guys are all awesome. I love you guys all so much. Anyways, let’s do some
life hacks by Crafty Panda. ♪ Say you want me back ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Say you want me ♪ – Okay, so first off, it looks like I’m gonna need some sticks. So, what I’m gonna do is grab
my wormhole really quick. Oh yeah, here we go. Gonna jump right in. You ready? One, two (boings) (upbeat music) Woo, I made it out, perfect! I forgot my shoe! (upbeat music) (grunts) Okay, we’re good. Now, what we gotta do is find some sticks. Benji, can you help us find sticks, buddy? Where are they? Do you see ’em? He did it! He found a little one, it’s perfect! Now, I just need a bunch more of these. What if instead of sticks, I just take a bunch of these leaves, and I just use those instead. I’m sure it’ll work. What do you think, Benji? Okay, so here’s our shirt. Lay that out. Oh, this already had a stain on the back. Oh yeah, I forgot I used this for a hack. Well, might as well recycle an old shirt. Then, we get our leaves. Maybe just sprinkle
’em around a little bit so it looks nice, yeah! Put these twigs down. Just leaves everywhere, woo! Yeah, it looks good. Next, I’m gonna need some paint. Ha ha, perfect! Now that we have our paint, we’re just gonna get a toothbrush, and then, we’re just gonna
kind of put some of the paint on there, and apparently,
you’re supposed to just kind of flick it like this. Oh, man, this is gonna take a while. I think it’s supposed to be wet so I’m gonna get some water really quick. Here’s our water. Dump that in, here we go! Oh, that’s working so much better. Yeah! Put some more paint on there. Yeah! This is still gonna take forever. I’m creating art, guys! My hands are so dirty! I feel like it would be a lot
easier if I just use a can of spray paint so I think
that’s what I’m gonna do. So, here we go! Kind of give it some distance. Ah, that’s spraying it away. I gotta do it from father like this. Woo, I need a mask, woo! Yeah, this guy should
definitely do the trick. Woo, always wear protection, kids! Yeah, that looks good. Now, let’s add maybe
a little bit of black. Oh my god. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and
let that dry for a little bit, and then, we’ll see how it turned out. But first, I’m gonna turn a fan on, woo! Gotta air it out in here. It’s getting kind of, kind of misty. You’re supposed to being spraying this only in ventilated areas. Anyway, I’ll see you guys in a bit. Okay, we let it dry. Let’s take all this stuff off, wow. I mean, this is kind of
a cool pattern. (laughs) I definitely did this wrong. I was definitely supposed to use sticks, but I mean, it still looks cool. Yeah, that looks pretty good. It almost looks like birds or something. I don’t know how to describe it. Woo, okay, let’s put this bad boy on! Yeah! It looks pretty nice. Well, it doesn’t look like
I need this shirt anymore. (somber music) Anyway, I think I did a pretty
good job with this shirt considering that I made it
with spray paint and leaves. Yeah, I’m gonna wear
this shirt everyday now. Well, guys, I guess we can
say that this one works. (upbeat music) Okay, guys, so for this, I’m
actually gonna use a shirt instead of pants because
I’m running out of pants! I actually put some cardboard in it so that it wouldn’t seep
over to the other side ’cause I’ve done this a couple times, and it always seeps over,
and it looks really dumb. So, here’s our doiley. This was actually kind of hard to find. Ah ha, yeah, there we go. I kinda wanna make like a
design with this, I don’t know. Let’s see what can I make. Maybe that was a dumb idea. Maybe it wasn’t, I don’t know, but you won’t know unless
you try, that’s what I say. Maybe I can make like a
heart shape with this. I think that’d be fun. So, I’m gonna do my best to
kind of like make a heart out of these clothes. It’s more of a tear drop right now. I gotta add the top part of the heart. There we go. That doesn’t look too bad. Maybe if I shorten it up a little bit. I feel like it’s a little long. See if I can do it. Maybe like that? Yeah, I don’t know, I think
that looks a little bit better. So, as an extra thing, I
think I kinda wanna tape out the outline so that I don’t
get it all over the rest of the shirt. So, that’s what I’m gonna do! (popping) Yeah, that’s oughta do it. Now, it’s time to spray
paint this bad boy! Always wear protection, kids! I’m also gonna turn on a fan so it’s gonna be really
loud here for a second. There we go. Well, I’m all ready to start paintin’. Yeah, this looks pretty good. Now, I’m just gonna touch it up again. Go over it one more time. Okay, so I’m gonna go
ahead and let this dry, and then, I’ll wash it, and then, we’ll see how it turned out. Yeah, I think this turned out pretty good. I mean, minus the parts where the paint seeped through the duct tape, and also, you know, I had the
fan on so it actually blew spray paint a little
farther than I wanted. But I mean, overall, the
design turned out pretty cool. So, guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one works. (funky music) Okay, so here are pants. Here are string, and here’s our needles. Yeah, this oughta do. So, it looks like the first
step is to kind of like, they use this side, I’m pretty sure. They did this side. So, I need to somehow figure
out how to string this string through this needle. Ah, I dropped it on the floor! That’s so scary. Okay, I got it, here we go. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, and then, it looked like
they just did one stitch. They didn’t do double stitch
so I think I have to tie it like that, that oughta do. So, it looks like they
started off kind of at like the belt loop, and then, they went down. Okay, nice. Gotta keep doing this I guess. And I just gotta turn around. Okay, so we got all the
ones going down done. Now, it’s time to do
the ones going across. (sighs) This took me like
probably close to an hour to do. So (groans) Okay, so, it’s all done! I mean, I think it looks
pretty good, not bad. I mean, it’s no five minute craft work, but you know, I think I did
a pretty freaking good job. I’m gonna go ahead and try
these on and see how they look. Guys, and, woo! Yeah, so here they are. Yeah, I don’t think they look too bad. I mean, would I wear these out in public? Probably, would I spend
a bunch of money on them? No, was it a fun craft? I mean (sighs) I dunno, and that’s a hard question to answer, but I guess we can say that works, woo! New, cool pants! I think this calls for a cool pants dance. ♪ Just watch me ♪ (dance music) – [Robby] Cool pants! (dance music) ♪ Just watch me ♪ – Cool pants dance! (dance music) Okay, I think that’s enough of that. (doorbell rings) I know what this is! Woo! Yeah, oh man, I can’t wait to open this. Okay, so I saw this being
advertised on a YouTube video, and I was like, dang,
that is so freaking cool. I already had a boosted board, and I had seen like people
riding these on the internet for a while. I was like I really want
one so I finally caved in, and I got one. Yeah, it’s a one wheel! Just gotta open this up. (showtune music) It came with stickers, I love stickers! Welcome to the ultimate riding experience, and then, it had instructions. Wow! This is so cool! Dang, it feels like Christmas right now. Honestly. Get the app! I hope I don’t have to
actually download the app to play with this thing. And they have me a bunch of
one wheel business cards. This isn’t sponsored by the
way, I just genuinely wanted one so if you guys want to
sponsor me, go for it. I haven’t even rode it yet, and I already know I’m
gonna freakin’ love it. Let’s see. How do we turn this thing on? Does it have battery yet? Maybe I should read the instructions. Switch on one wheel using
power switch on the side. Step fully, firmly on both sides. Always wear a helmet. Learn on a friend. Lean on a friend. Slowly, come up to your balance. Lean forward to accelerate. Lean back to slow down. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and get a helmet, and then, we’ll try it. Okay, guys, power is engaged. We got a light. Here we go. Actually, it said that I’m supposed to lean against something first. Yeah, that oughta do. Got my helmet! Oh boy, let’s hope this
doesn’t turn out badly. Oh, this isn’t bad. It’s kind of cool, wee! (glass breaks) Oh, this definitely requires more balance than the boosted board. Oh my gosh, dude. Honestly, woo! This is so sick! I’m feeling a little wobbly on it, but this isn’t bad. Oh my god, how do I stop? (glass breaks) Okay, I don’t think that
was bad for my first try. Oh, why does it keep turning off? I think the battery might be dead. (dramatic music)
(Robby screams) I must say, this is pretty freaking cool. Oh my gosh, I’m so wobbly right now. Can I pull a Casey Neistat
and vlog while I’m riding it? Oh boy, here we go. Woo, oh my gosh. This is easier than I, well, it’s actually harder than
I though it would be. It definitely requires a lot of balance, but I can see myself getting used to it. Woo, oh my gosh! Well, so far, I’m giving
it a big ol’ thumbs up. I think I’m gonna go ahead and
charge it a little bit more before I ride it, but so
far, I’m really liking. I’m enjoying this thing a lot. That didn’t look as cool
as I thought it would. Okay, here we go, ready? (yells) One, two, and I’m doing it! Look mom!
(dramatic music) Yeah, this isn’t hard. Yeah, I’d say that this
is pretty easy actually. I have someone who I think, whoa! Here’s someone who I think
will really enjoy this. Yeah, let’s ride! Woohoo, yeah!
(dramatic music) Heck, yeah, woohoo! Wee, yeah! Yeah, I definitely think
Toby’s enjoying it. This is pretty sick, would recommend. Just be very careful when
you ride it. (laughs) (yells) Also, stopping is really hard. (upbeat music) Okay, guys, so here are my pants. These are my favorite pair of pants so I hope that these turn out perfect. Anyway, so, I’m just gonna
go ahead and flip these inside out just like they
told us to do in the video. I’m not sure why we
have to do it like this, but you know, it is what it is. Just flipping these inside out. Here’s our cloth. I think that this one
went with it pretty well. I mean, black with this like
polka dot, gray polka dot. I don’t know. Now, we’re gonna go ahead
and cut it into shape. So, should be able to
wrap around it like that. Yeah, there we go. One down, I’m just gonna go
ahead and use this as a stencil for my next one. One right here. Okay, yeah, don’t need this anymore. Now, all we gotta do is sew it in place. I feel like this is gonna
be a lot harder than I think it will be, but you know,
life is meant for learning, you know? I’m sure I’m not sewing this right. Please don’t yell at me
in the comments, guys. Now, let’s do this. (sewing machine rumbles) (yells) I just broke it! No, oh man, I was really
excited about this little sewing machine too. Just got this. Okay, I really don’t wanna
do this by hand so… I think that’s what I’m gonna
have to do though. (yells) So, I actually just found this little guy, and hopefully, this one will
work ’cause I really don’t wanna do this whole thing by hand. That sounds awful. It’s really not as
convenient as the other one. You have to do each stitch one by one. Let’s hope this works. Oh, it’s actually working
though so that’s good. Oh, this is gonna be a long process. Here we go. It’s looking okay so far. I’m still not really enjoying this though. This is such a long process. Okay, yeah, still not
impressed with this. (laughs) Well, I guess we might
as well do the other one. We already dug ourselves
this far, haven’t we? There we go! Okay, let’s try these pants on. This is gonna be my new
favorite pair of pants. Just kidding, they already were. So, let’s hope that it was worth it to modify them like this. You ready, one two, oh yeah! These feel great. I don’t know how I’m feeling
about these things though. Oh yeah so here they are. As you can see, very stylish, very cool. Shows off my socks a little bit. Yeah, pretty swag if I
say so myself. (laughs) Kids, please don’t ever use the word swag unless you’re doing it ironically. So, these turned out pretty good, and I have to say that
they look fantastic on me so I’m gonna go ahead
and say that it works. ♪ So we can dance through the night ♪ ♪ Keep it tight ♪ ♪ You’re my man ♪ – Okay, so here’s our pants. So, apparently, we’re just supposed to go to the knee like right here. I hope that I’m cutting
in the right place. I really do. So, apparently, these are
supposed to touch the top of this. Looks good, this should be pretty easy. Then, we get our scissors. Now, we just start
cutting these bad boys up. (scissors snip) This is a pretty easy craft, I gotta say. Mm-kay, one down, do the other leg now. Woo, all done, and I’m
definitely getting like 2007 scene culture vibes here. Well, let’s go ahead and try these on. Oh, okay, and here they are. What do you guys think? I definitely think that
you know they show off my hairy legs nicely. Not too much hairy leg, but just enough. Yeah, I’m gonna have to say
that this looks pretty good. Let’s do a pants dance. (dance music) (record scratches) Well, guys, I guess
we’re gonna have to say that this one works! What are you looking at, Benji? The Benj, the Benj! (screams) (upbeat music) ♪ We can’t compete with sweet and sound ♪ ♪ ‘Cause (sings) ♪ – Okay, so here are out white pants, and then, we just go ahead and,
yeah, so we flatten ’em out. Then, we’re just supposed
to kind of like do zigzaggy things like this. I feel like the smaller
the zig zags the better it’s gonna look personally,
but I don’t really know. Just for simplicity sake,
I’m just gonna go ahead and start zip tying this leg. Okay, and then, we go on this leg, and then, we grab it like that. I really hope my pants turn out okay. This is gonna be my everyday pants. I’m gonna wear them everyday
for the rest of my life. Dude folding pants is so much harder than I though it would be. Like why is this so difficult? They don’t even wanna
stay folded, captain. (groans) These zip ties don’t
wanna stay zipped either! So, now, I’m gonna go ahead
and bring them outside and start spray painting ’em. Woo, here we are! So, we got out pants. Oh man, I forgot my spray paint. Oh, that was easy. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. That’s the color of the rainbow! I think that this is
gonna be a lot of fun. Oh, here we go! So, we’ll start off with red. I forgot my mask! Woo, that’s better! (cans spray) Woo, okay, now, it looks
like it’s all spray painted. Now, we’re just gonna go
ahead and wait for it to dry, and I’ll show you how it turned out, woo! Yeah, this is such a weird
angle of me, isn’t it? (laughs) Okay, they are nice and dry. Let’s go ahead and free them! Here we go! Okay, not looking bad so far. Oh my goodness, this looks so ridiculous. Oh my gosh. Oh, here we go. Let’s try these bad boys on. Yeah, they’re lookin’ pretty good. Oh yeah, these look,
these look great on me. I really don’t know how
I feel about these guys. On a scale of one to 10, what
would you guys rate these? I’d say that they’re a
solid four out of 10. I don’t know, I might
wear these out in public. I’m not really sure. Anyway, let’s do another pants dance. (dance music) Woo, anyway, guys, I guess
we can that this one worked! Okay, guys, now it’s everyone’s
favorite part of the video where we recreate the thumbnail, woo! So, I actually looked all over
for this color combination of clothes, the shirt was pretty easy. I found it at the first Walmart I went to, but the pants! The pants were really hard to find. I had to go to like
five stores just to find these freaking legging things, and what’s even worse is I
couldn’t find the exact color so I just went with this bright pink ’cause I like bright pink instead. I think it looks better, I dunno. So, this is what we’re gonna
be wearing for the thumbnail. Okay, so I got my blue screen behind me. I’m all dressed up. Here we go so she’s kind of
making like a face like this. (dramatic music) (camera shutter clicks) I think that’ll work. We’ll see. Anyway, guys, thanks so
much for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure you
give a thumb’s up (mumbles) right down there. If you guys like this video
and you guys want to watch me try more life hacks and
crafts, I have a whole playlist dedicated to me doing that right here. If you guys are new, make sure
to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this shirt, stickers, or any of my other merch,
you can click right here. Okay, guys, I love you so much. I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and WiFi, and we’re ending, okay, bye! (screams)


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