come on…come on… come on… oh Jesus hey guys and welcome back
to my channel my name is Sammy J and if you’re new here thank you so much for
stopping by so today I am doing a different video I’ll be doing a try on haul
so I’m someone who doesn’t shop online because I like going to the store and
find something that fits me the way I want it to fit and sometimes my sizes always varies either I’m wearing an M or L and you know you know on this sites
especially when the goods come from different countries you have to find a
conversion chart and hopefully hope that they actually fit with you so for me
shopping online is actually very scary but I said anyways I actually have to
step out of my comfort zone and do something I’m not used to so I was going
through a few sites and wondering okay which site should I actually go through I
wanted something easy something cheap too cuz your girl haha
is on a budget and so I stumbled on this site called everything five pounds
I was like wait ‘are they serious?’ from the dresses the blouses to do bottoms to
the shoes everything 5 pounds? I must check it out and so I went there
obviously I’m in Canada and the price is not 5 pounds for me it’s something like
eight dollars and ninety-nine cents and I said if I can find something of
good quality then of course why not jump on your opportunity so I bought a few items
in this box so hopefully my fear of risk s going to be put to
shame and if you want to check out what I bought
then stick around with me to find out so item number one is this bomber jacket
I actually loved it because you know of the colors like purple yellow red blue
from a distance it’s surely long and when I close it it’s a
very beautiful beautiful jacket so I actually loved it
of course I’m going to be dropping some images and the one thing sad is
most of the articles when they go they are gone it’s like it’s a one time type
of ssle so sometimes the articles that I may put down here if you go to the
side you’re not going to find them so don’t be like .well Sammy you lied to me’ no! they
have a very limited type of products and once it’s gone it’s like literally gone
so I really loved it I’m sure you guys can see the way it fits so yeah this is my
first product so my item number two is this beautiful type of shirt jacket I
love it because of the way it feels it’s kind of very warm you can wear it during
the autumn I love the way the buttons like close here and it just feels like
classy and it’s just very simple top it’s a little bit fringy on the lower part
and you know it’s a bit of an oversize but it’s actually perfect it’s not like big
as if I took my mother’s dress and I wore but it’s just like yeah it’s a size
you just wanted something a little bit bigger than you it’s a small and this
one is actually gone I went back to the to the site cause I wanted to get
some pictures and it’s actually gone so I’ll just drop a picture but the link to
this is actually not there actually love it and I’m someone who actually loves
white and black together and the print to this one way actually beautiful so
yes this is it. Another cool item I bought is this bomb type of Jersey t-shirt and I love it. I
think it’s 23 on top of it I love the color I didn’t know it was transparent
I thought it came with like a camisole camisole underneath but I’m
wearing my own camisole so and obviously its a little bit long so for those if you want
to wear it maybe with a jean you can tuck it in of course maybe this trouser is not
appropriate but um I really love the color the yellowish greenish
kind of color and it’s just a beautiful Jersey shirt so I’m actually
happy I purchased this so of course I’ll be dropping the images left
or right whichever one but yeah it’s beautiful so this next item is a shirt
I love it because it just really felt very simple and I’m someone who loves
floral prints I have so many things with flowers on them I don’t even understand
my problem but yes I love them I didn’t tuck in the back but it’s a beautiful
one too it’s long and as usual if you wear it
with a high-waisted trouser oh yeah trouser or pants you can tuck it in. its
beautiful t-shirt I love the way it feels it just very simple yeah small it just looks like me so yeah
so let’s go to the next item now this next item is this pair of
bomber trousers I on’t know if you guys can see it I really love the detailing own there
it’s um like a jogger of course I love it because it’s very
comfortable it’s not like so tight it’s shred she and I loved it
no you can stretch but you know it is just like rope for you to time you can
be be hanging now with it just because it’s very comfortable
he has some type of a legging type of material just fits
I’ve always wanted to have like you know this chain pattern dresses I should have
got um a shirt with the cheney type of pattern right now just loved him
first because it was a pants that looks like a joker
I love the chokers so I said look you have to get one just like this ooh I
really love it a very comfortable and they’re just nice I love the way freeze
I love the way looks the weightings yeah nice pair of trousers stay food for the
next outfit so my next outfit is going to be this
wonderful almost like that’s what make what I really like about this is that
it’s having like the buttons are actually very nice I just love the way
they shine but I’m already shiny it just makes a shirt have a very classy it’s
very beautiful and of course the color just like pops so it’s of course just no
more let me just say no more height you can tuck it if you want to I’m someone
that I’m always she rings hello like everything makeovers my hands that’s why
I’m always in turtlenecks and long sleeves wake up this is real beautiful
color I really love the pattern and everything it’s a beautiful shirt and I
love it it’s good for the next one so this next outfit is this beautiful
leather dress so everything about a leather I’ve always been scared of
better because sometimes when I see it on what happy looks like too tight and
they feel as if they’re almost dying because it’s squeezing all the parts of
their bodies or them death or the outcomes are like we might ever get to
wear this material in my life and I’m so glad ID because this dress is just
perfect and someone who loves loves pockets I always have my hands like this
if a dress is out of pocket I’m so comfortable because I really like
holding back you know so to me if my foot is here my cut is yet I’m good to
go I really love this the material is
really really really good only because I really see them change
the back up a little bit it is really good you know from the back
no just like fits me perfectly it’s not the time just the right amount of space
which is you know my hips machine and the dress is not squeezing me it’s not
too tight it’s just okay you can yeah excitement in my voice now I’m very
happy about this I’m very happy I tried a like I said I’m resep you know all my
comfort zone I’m trying something I’ve never done before and I
this is like my favorite dress cause it’s winter I have to wear leggings on
there and some boots but so last but not the least I bought a bag because I don’t
have a white back in my closet and I don’t really like to beach bags I like
Tyler small I just meet you okay so let me bring it closer to you
guys the zip outside is just Nikolas is if there is no pocket so he comes like
just like this and you know it’s kind of very suspicious without skis yeah in a
park and you have some little tiny pockets this way I really love you
because you know Matty very if he felt as if he was leather sorry if it’s too
bright but you know it’s just it’s just a beautiful way back it’s just really
really beautiful and I love the color I love the size this ones who was sold out
so I know if I bother that’s when actually we don’t know but it’s a
beautiful bag I’d be holding it with this handle not the long ones because
there’s are stripes and look like funny you know it doesn’t look funny or you as
if the bag doesn’t fit or whatever of course you can adjust observer the most
of the time I will just go for Diamondbacks like this they look more it
just looks more classy or more elegant you know and of course I saved the best what it’s called when I walk shift when
you hear me talk shut up I mean this was my she is just wearing
it’s like it’s perfect these Buddhists let me try it so when I
told you when I saw you just look at oh my god you know you know you know yeah anyway guys this comes to the end of my
whole like I said I’ll be dropping the rings and if you just type everything
5-pound your winter storm hoop on the site itself check out everything like
for the shirts to the jump suits to the skirts to the trousers you don’t have
some other plans because like they see everything green is 5 pounds if you guys
liked this video give me a thumbs up share comments and please please please
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i’m see we’re in the booth I’m so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and
tried things I’ve never tried before I love I’m obsessed with my boots and so I
am just very happy I did this purchase so you guys can go just that mean
everything five pound comm check out the website from the dresses because so I
don’t know the 12 is the bags and I’m sure you’ll find something you like like
always see this is me real and unapologetic see you guys in my next
video bye


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