Something on your mind, dear? Took a long time for him to get out of this game. It’s different this time. I have to save him. I don’t even care about the treasure. If you’re done lying to me…
then you should stop lying to yourself. You see a gun to his head? He chose this. Okay. He’s meant for this life. Nathan, I’m in a lot of trouble here. Does the name Hector Alcazar ring a bell with you? Three months. Half the treasure. -It’s been a while.
-Too long, boyo. Let’s try keeping him alive by getting this cross. Boys– I’m at the switch. You ready? As I’ll ever be. Victor? Okay. Let’s ruin this asshole’s evening. I’m thinking that you’re lucky that I found you. Thanks for saving me again. I almost didn’t this time. How long we been chasing this thing, huh? You and me. No offense to these guys… but they don’t get it. Actually Sam, they do. Come on Nadine, really? All I have to do is buy some time. Nadine! Ow! Okay, Mango! Mango! What are you on about…? Ow, well it’s my safe word. C’mon! We got a treasure to find.


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