Venice Beach Offers a Walkable Lifestyle

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It’s a sunny, windy, warm day in Venice, California. And, we’re gonna take a stroll and look at
what there is to do on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.
cf0 Abbot Kinney Boulevard is located in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles. And
Venice is bordered by, of course, the Pacific Ocean on the Southwest side, and then, as
many Angelenos know, Venice is really adjacent to the city of Santa Monica. So Abbot Kinney
Boulevard is in honor of the famous developer and conservationist Abbot Kinney, whose dream
was to make Venice like Venice, Italy. It was in 1891 that Kinney purchased a tract
of land, one and a half miles long in Santa Monica Beach. And then, on that land, that’s
when Abbot Kinney built the famous pier, the golf course, and in those days there was even
a horse racing track. And, recently Venice has experienced a gentrification with more
people moving in and refurbishing the older homes’85and the city is taking Venice seriously.
Have a bite to eat, stroll the shops, and have a good time. }

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