VIPセダン限定ミーティング!オーナーさんと楽しい交流編[VIP STYLE MEETING 2019]

I came to “VIP STYLE MEETING” ! Look this! VIP STYLE MEETING So that Today, My car is an exhibition car at L-tide booth! Here Micchannel goods!! I sell micchannel stickers and hoodies. Thank you for coming! And There are L-Tide goods. Neck pad Seat belt cover I’m going to walk inside the venue. UNION’s Infinity It’s parked in front of the L-Tide booth Let’s go! Kitakyushu! Wow! 14 Majesta! Fukuoka Many people are coming from a distance. Only Sedan event is awesome!! Saga Oh, amazing It looks like a Majora paint This is amazing Full of sedan UCF20 UCF20 is not so much recently. Great! There are many simple style here. awesome car The aura is amazing!! Wow Hello Good morning He is GS owner.
Mr.Daich Good morning Suddenly haha He’s hitting on girls. haha He is Mr.Daichi. Oh ! Amazing UCF20 Is n’t it great? rare Precious So beautiful Olive’s cars are lined up Oh, this is also Olive Oh, UCF30 UCF30 and Majesta, crown, LS There are popular GS is also popular recently. There are many UCF20 today. This is also Olive Ah, Spark Fine He is sleeping Mr.Ono Look that! Did he sleep while eating? It ’s embarrassing It ’s embarrassing to see a sleeping face haha He is in deep sleep Oh! Ah! I have friends over there Oh, and isn’t the car of Mr. Tabei’s shop? Micchan, good morning! Good morning! Coincidentally Isn’t it a p’s car? Mr. Tabei is absent Look at the owner! The owner has hidden Let’s talk! Let’s talk! 18crown is cool Thank you Wow! Wheel is unusual color What color is this wheel? Work Asterism black The brakes is also Duex? The brake is also Duex Duex Is it the car made of P’s shop? Of course ! The car made of P’s! Oh! Boring Who is he? haha Boring joke Go home haha Ah! Take a look! That girl! That girl! remember her? remember? Look I talk about P’s shop She is a P’s customer. Shie is 18 Crown owner. Do you remember? Thank you Thank you very much The event is very fun!! Hey Hey There’s a funny lady haha Like this It’s interesting What is that? Are you hitting on boys? Of course! Oh my gods Audi! Audi! Cool There are celebrities!! Mr.Ohbayashi! Micchannel He is K.BREAK President There are celebrities!! Mr.shokuta He is also famous I think people who are reading VIP STYLE magazine know him Thank you! Thanks! Good luck I’m always watching your video Thank you! It’s a lie Watch my channel!! Is it wrapping? That’s amazing GS It ’s a lot of LEXUS. It is rainy and sometimes cloudy You wipe it up again and again This is amazing simple custom This car is also made of P’s. It ’s a p’s car. The car around here is a friend’s car. Mr.kazunori is absent. Glasses are here. haha Look this! Wrapping! Wrapping car And the owner! Owner! Close close close close haha He is aristo owner. Aristo How are you today? Yeah, well Who are you? haha Funny character Is it fun today? Yes, it ’s so much fun! Only sedan is amazing! I think so too Awesome? Awesome!! Who are you? haha You are weird today Do you feel like you’re looking at your car? Yes!! I’m happy! I feel like you only look at the muffler Ah, that muffler is amazing. her That woman She was on a VIP CAR before 15 majesta It was her muffler and the wheel Oh, It’s also her wheel. Don’t take this car nearby You can’t get any closer than this. haha No more Is this still in production? Yes You’ll fix it That’s right I see I’m looking forward to it I made a mistake You are having fun Yes There are many beautiful women Sounds good After all, I’m thinking of someone going home Were you? Well Everyone is too cute! haha Oh yeah You are weird today. haha See you Muroran Wow! Muroran Number Ms. Chiho is cedric owner. Hello Do you remember? Did you change the color of the car? Yes!! What color is this? This is a mixed color of magenta, black and silver Why did you choose this color? Because it ’s my color You love this color! Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Very lame I put a duct Ah really It ’s shining color The Grill I painted black with red It’s not just black See you! ISC! Great I want to ride The convertible car is good because you can see the interior It ’s a female owner ’s president. great Classic car It’s really beautiful It’s been a long time It ’s Kameda ’s GS. Look at it! This is Mr. Tabei’s crown I haven’t introduced the car. Mr.Tabei has appeared micchannel many times He changed from black to red At the time of the cover car, it was red Interior Mr. Takada won the award! So happy Amazing Cool Me? Cima Me? Cima Cima And Mr.Daichi won the award! Your camera? That’s right It ’s amazing because my friends got an award. Mr.Daichi’s GS Amazing And Mr.Yusuke won the award!
I introduced the LS at micchannel before. And then The GS I’ll introduce the GS at micchannel! This GS won award. I’m scared haha congratulations! My customer’s car also got an award! Award? Great! great There are friend’s car!! I know all award car!! Awesome!!


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