VLOGGING THREE AMAZING CLOTHES SWAPS | The most sustainable way to get new clothes

Since the start of the year, I’ve been
talking about how much I want to take part in clothes swaps and it’s now the
beginning of February and there are a few clothes swaps happening around me at
the moment, so I’m going to take you with me to them and we’re gonna have a look
around, see what I find, and then I’ll show you everything I get. This is part
of my no-buy year and I’ve a few videos up on my channel about that if you’re interested in
finding out more. I’m trying to move away from fast fashion, and I think this is a
really good way to do it. So, without further ado, let’s go! So, I’m in Newnham
College now, where I’m going to you the first of the clothes swaps. I’ve got a
bag of clothes that I decided to declutter, so hopefully, I’ll find some new
things. It was really busy in there, so I didn’t want to film too much and get in
the way, so instead I decided to film everything I got the next morning and
show it to you. First, I got this red t-shirt from Everlane. I was so shocked to see something from Everlane, because it’s
one of my favourite sustainable brands. This t-shirt is amazing. I can’t wait to
wear it. Next, I got these black corduroy trousers from Fat Face. They have this
really nice comfortable feel to them and I think they look really cool. And
finally, I picked up this long black chiffon skirt with a lovely mesh panel. I
think this will look so great on formal occasions. I’m about to go to my second clothes swap
for this video, which is a cooperation between Trinity College’s Ethical and
Green Affairs Committee and Nu. Nu is a resource that works on loads of clothes
swaps and they have loads of good resources for renting clothes and that
kind of thing, so I will link them in the description, and yeah. I’m looking
forward to this one and I’ll show you how it goes. I had a really good time at
this clothes swap. They had loads of great stuff, and I really enjoyed looking around.
They’d also set up a nearby bathroom as a changing room, which I thought was a
really good idea. The first thing I picked up at Trinity was this bodysuit.
It’s a really nice striped long-sleeve bodysuit with a Henley neckline. I think
the colours are really nice and I also love the texture of the fabric.
Unfortunately, the label was cut out of it, so I can’t tell you where it’s from.
The next thing I got is this kind of slate grey short-sleeved turtleneck from
H&M. If you’ve watched a few of my videos, you’ll probably know that I love
turtlenecks, so I was really happy to find this. The next thing I picked up are
these black wide-leg trousers from a brand called Parisian. The past few
months, I’ve been quite into this whole 70’s revival thing, so I’ve kind of wanted
to get my hands on some trousers that are in a wider leg shape. I also got this
dark red wrap top from Forever 21. It’s really comfortable and I think it’s a
great going out top. I also got this floral pink shirt from Topshop.
Personally, I love the idea of wearing patterned colourful clothing as workwear,
so that’s how I envisage wearing this shirt in future. Finally, I got these
stretchy slip-on kind of jeans from Uniqlo. The colour is a really nice light
grey and they’re gonna go with so many things. They’re perfect for everyday wear,
I think. And the final clothes up I went to was
at Hughes Hall. I didn’t vlog very much that day because the weather was awful, but
I’ll show you what I got because I’m so happy with what I found there. I think
this is my favourite thing I’ve got it’s this really nice knitted top from Oasis.
I love the gold and black embroidery, and even though it’s a little bit granny
chic, I think it’s so cute and I can’t wait to wear it. I also really love this
handbag I found. It’s from Warehouse, and I generally
really really liked their designs, so I was super happy to find it. It’s a black
faux leather bag, it’s got plenty of space, and I think it’s gonna be really
practical. I found this really lovely black and white checkered pencil skirt
from Shein. I think pencil skirts are really flattering, and I really love that
this one can be dressed either up or down. I also love these wide liked
forest-green trousers I found. They’re from Boohoo and they’re a really
comfortable, fairly lightweight material. Yeah, that’s
right. That’s my second pair of wide-leg trousers in one week. And then, finally, I
got these lovely striped Woolrich trousers. I’ve been looking for a pair of
casual trousers like this for a really long time, actually, so I’m really glad I
found these. They’re really comfortable and really versatile. So, that’s it for
this video. I really hope you enjoyed, and I just wanna throw in a few little notes at
the end. Firstly, I definitely don’t think it’s great that a lot of the stuff that
I was able to find was from fast fashion brands. Even though I wasn’t contributing
to any carbon emissions by obtaining them, they were still made in unethical
and unsustainable ways. And I also definitely think it’s worth noting that
I do live in a student town where there are a lot of events like this, so I don’t
think there are many places where it would be possible to find three really
great clothes swaps happening in the space of one week. And also, I did do a
massive declutter of clothes right before this, which is why I had so much
stuff to swap in the first place, but I also know that not everyone is in this
position. I just hope this video could give you a little bit of inspiration if
clothes swapping was something you were interested in, and I really hope you
enjoyed. Thank you again so much for watching. Bye!


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