Warm Winter Life Hacks! 14 Hot Fashion Hacks and More Winter Clothes Ideas!

Oh wow! It’s snowing outside! It’s Jessica’s favorite season of the year! She’ll be getting out her winter clothes
and dress accordingly. Haven’t seen the sweater for months now! It looks great on you, Jess, but seems like you have a number of wool pills over it. It does take a while to take them off… Unless you have a special tool for it! Remove the
razor from the box cutter. Be careful, okay? Grab a fine tooth comb and add a layer
of hot glue in order to stick the razor. I know it looks like a prison hack, but
trust me, it will do the job. Just like that. Piece of cake! You can see the difference, right? Voila! Like a smooth criminal! Anna is about to go out on a date. And she’s looking forward to put on her favorite
sweater. It’s quite easy to get attached to warm things. Wait a minute… Seriously?! Did someone just broke their neck while wearing your sweater or what? Here goes our cutest piece of clothing. Hey Anna, you’re not THAT type of girl. This wool is still a perfectly good clothing piece that can be easily redesigned. Lay down the sweater inside-out. Might as well cut off the
very top by the shoulders. We won’t need it. Add a generous layer of hot fabric
glue and fold back the edges. Repeat the same with the other side. Yes we just put
ourselves in a sticky situation. This whole craft should take just 10 minutes
or so. Insert her over band through the shoulder hoop. A safety pin will make it easy for you. Spin it around and connect it with a knot. Add a wavy layer a fabric glue on the button. And place a piece of textured felt. Lift the bottom and do the same on the other side. Now simply flip the
sweater outside out and that’s it. Amazing, Anna! You look stunning. Noah and
Jess are on a date. And it looks like Jessica’s sweater is giving her a nasty
scratch. Not a cool thing to get in the middle of a date. Especially when you
want to impress a guy. You sure you’re okay, girl? *chuckle* You got Noah confused here a
bit. Yeah, this is totally NOT awkward… How do we get out of this itchy situation? Lay down your itchy sweater. We’ll use an empty spray bottle to fill it with some
vinegar and water. 50/50 ratio. Screw the spray cap on and get down to spraying
the whole sweater. Add a layer of hair conditioner by
spreading it around with your fingers. Be generous with it. Wash and dry out the sweater. Neatly fold it. And place it inside a zip lock bag. And refrigerate overnight. Perfect, Jess, no
more awkward itchy situations! Good luck with the rest of the date! Anna is about
done with her clothes at the laundry service. Unfortunately one of her
sweaters got destroyed by the machine. I feel your pain, sister… Let’s try turning it around, okay? Lay down the sweater. Flip the sweater inside-out. Cut the top with the shoulders off. Add some hot fabric glue on the upper part of the hand piece and fold back the edges. Half an inch should do the trick. Do the same on the other hand piece. By doing the same thing to our torso piece, we’re slowly turning it into a skirt. Take your time with all these steps. Insert a rubber band in the waist
hoop. A safety pin will make it easy for you. Once the end is out, make a knot on
the very end. Flip it outside out. Awesome! We’re done. It looks lovely! Anna transformed her sweater into a skirt and a pair of knee socks. Although I love all of them, girl, I’d advise you to start using a different laundry service. *chuckle* Hey, Jess, how are you? Oh wow! That necklace does look eye-catching, girl. Do you mind if we check it out? My bad. So sorry… Well that happened… Nope, it doesn’t look good… No worries, Emily knows a simple hack using a bobby pin. Just hook up the
wool piece and dive it back. Emily managed to fix her sweater all by
herself! you got me scared there for a second
girl and just came back from grocery shopping with all that food in hand I’m
surprised she managed to get this far oops spoke too soon that was a clumsy
entrance no no no Anna you should stop tearing them apart no
worries we’ll figure something out and turn it into something magnificent
let’s flip it inside out cut off unnecessary tank top parts drop hot
fabric glue around the cuts now fold back the edges you’ll want to take some
time on this part and do the same thing on the other side all mighty glue gun
what would I do without you glue the end of the back lastly flip it inside out and you’re
done perfect and it came up with a durable
and fancy looking handbag which can be used not only for groceries but looks
great on its own bye bye plastic bags emily has been waiting for her date for
quite a while now and finally he shows up good job Jacob you haven’t apologized
or even acknowledged that you’re late you can keep moving that mouth but we
ain’t listening buddy rather put on something warmer instead Jakub scarf could get in handy though do
you mind nope all he cares about is himself and
his stories at the moment this date is not going well meanwhile we’re actually
going to use a scarf to dress up drop the scarf over your hips cross it and
flip it over again now dive your hands inside the scarf and drop it over your
shoulders just like that it looks gorgeous Emily stay warm girl and for
you Jacob we don’t want to hear your excuses and yes she’s keeping the scarf
guess who’s home alone watching home alone for the 20th time you guessed it
all of us are it’s an amazing movie it’s just that emily is a bit getting
cold now and sofa plaid seems too worn off
oh well chop-chop let’s cut out a rectangular piece add a layer of hot
glue over the top edge and neatly fold it in half do the same with the shorter
side fold it in half once again grab couple colored pieces of felt and pop
out a desired face mouth and nose pieces stick the animated pieces to the scarf
with some hot fabric glue you’re done well hey Emma where is your scarf girl
it’s cold outside did you leave it at home well okay
luckily Emily prepared another scarf all right bestie it’s time to rob a bank wonder how to make your shoes waterproof
lay down a pair of sneakers and find a single candle
we’ll use the wax and cover the whole material in it take the hairdryer to
warm up the wax for a couple of minutes that’s it your shoes should keep your
feet dry on a bring day well look at that worked like a charm it’s quite
chilly outside and scrolling the phone using your gloves can be challenging
let’s upgrade our gloves with conductive thread we’ll just add a small cross on
the tip of our thumb and index fingers this quick hack should do the trick and
keep your fingers warm getting indoors can get annoying during
winter days when you wear glasses simple solution to prevent this is to use a
soft cloth and a dash of dish soap neatly brush it off and wait for 15
minutes use a microfiber cloth to remove the remaining soap that’s it you’ll see
the difference already is your coffee cup too hot no worries let’s use the
thorn sock and cut off the top now just hook it up over the cup just like that
lovely isn’t it it will work as our finger protector and may prolong the
temperature a bit any chance you have an old sweater laying around why not turn
it into a pair of gloves cut around your palm flip invert and thread it around
flip it inside out boom you’re done looks cute it happens that your shoes
are wet no worries newspaper is here to save the day it’s a
faster way to dry your shoes out just shove couple of rolls inside and leave
them overnight also shoes last longer drying this way hey crafty pandas I hope you enjoyed
these life hacks let us know which of them you’re gonna use next in the
comments down below if you want to learn more feel free to check out our older
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