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– (excited screams) I love being right about things. (upbeat music) Hey, what’s up everyone? I’m Lauren Jauregui and
today I’m going to be playing the Expensive Taste Test with Cosmo. So the rules are pretty simple, they will be bringing two
items in front of my face and I will have to decide between the two which one is more expensive. (upbeat music) Yoga mats? This is a field I’m very well-versed in. I think this one’s more expensive. Because it’s a different quality, like this is more of like a foaminess and this is like a sturdy mat. So I’m going to go quality-wise gray is more expensive. (bell chimes)
(excited scream) I’m correct! I do yoga all the time. I love yoga. So I think that’s why. This was easy cause I know about these things. Although I like this, I prefer this carrier. (upbeat music) Oh, this is obvious to me. This one’s more expensive because there’s more detail, there’s more… The quality of it again
is just higher quality. The belt buckles, it’s got two puppies. Clearly, more expensive. (bell chimes)
(excited scream) I have a French Bulldog, her name’s Cleo. She would hate this collar. She doesn’t wear collars, she runs in the wild. (upbeat music) Pop-Tarts? There’s more expensive Pop-Tarts? I think this is a fake Pop-Tart. Lacking the gooeyness, what up? Let’s see. Oh, this one’s more expensive. This has to be more expensive. Isn’t it sad that more quality
things costs just more money? (soft laughter) But yeah, I think this is more expensive. (bell chimes) I’m right! Yeah! (upbeat music) Oh my god, I was about to eat this! – [Producer] What did you think it was? – I thought it was like
soy sauce or something. Self-tanner. I mean, (sniffing) pretty neutral smells here. This one smells like
hair spray a little bit. Like shampoo. Maybe this one is more expensive because the consistency of it… yeah, this one looks like it’s foamy. It’s a darker pigment. I’m gonna go with this one as more expensive. (bell chimes)
(excited scream) I’m correct! So, don’t buy yourself no
cheap self-tanner please. (upbeat music) Is this beer? [Producer] Yeah. – Ooh. 10 am everyone. Ooh, I hate beer. Can I try it? [Producer] Yeah. – Okay. This is a Corona. That tastes atrocious. I think this one’s more expensive, though. Cause this is a Corona. (laughs) Am I right? (bell chimes)
(laughs) I definitely prefer this all day to that. I don’t know what the heck. This tastes like malt! Ewww! Okay. Take ’em away. (giggles) (upbeat music) Yeah. I will be great at this one. I am a water snob. Rightfully so. Please, please drink good water guys. I can’t stress that enough. It’s so important. This has bubbles in it. I’m not even going to taste you. This is the more expensive water for sure. Unless this is, hold on,
is this sparkling water? Hold on. I think it’s this one. (buzzer beeps) You know, I really talked
myself up here too. Like, I really set it up like I knew what I was talking about. In this alone and this is
the only one I got wrong. And this is what? [Producer] Tap water. – So, it’s free. Cool. But look at the quality though. Like, why is there air
bubbles in this one? New York tap water though is better. It’s good, yeah. (upbeat music) Ooh! Is this lingerie? Oh, you put tape on it! (smirking noise) That would give it away. Ooh. I think this is the more expensive one. Actually, this one’s a toughie. I think, honestly, I think this one’s the more expensive one. It’s more quality. Because of the material. Like, this is more… Even though this is like… The outside looks more expensive but the inside… There’s another tag. Oh, (beep) you got this one too! (laughs) I was like, there’s another tag! Final answer – this is more expensive. (bell chimes)
(excited scream) (upbeat music) I feel like these guys are charging more. Cause of the rose gold and the… I have makeup on. The whole design of it. I feel like this just, they feel like they can
charge me more for this. Yeah, this is cheaper. This one. [Producer] Correct! (bell chimes)
(excited scream) I thought I was going to be mediocre and I’m so not mediocre, y’all! (upbeat music) First of all, this color. [Producer] Like to paint? – I do like to paint. It was just always like a medium that I felt very expressive in. I haven’t painted in a minute, though. I’m like, getting lost. I’m like, I’m just let
me paint a whole picture. Cause I have yellow
and green to work with, so you’re getting a leaf. Am I judging the brushes also? I think this is the more expensive paint. This side. Because even though this is really, wait, the quality levels are still similar but this green has like a sheen to it. And I feel like these
are more basic colors. I usually try to (mumbles). I think this is the more expensive one. (buzzer rings)
(gasps) Well, go ahead art world. Judge me. Go ahead. You know what? This paint does flow better so, yeah, that makes sense. (giggles) Really beautiful stuff. Quality. Please buy it. (beep) music. I feel a bit disappointed in myself about losing on water to be truthful. I should’ve guessed though that the more bubbly one
would be more expensive. Alright, guys. I hope you enjoyed me not knowing about water as well as I thought I did. Don’t forget to subscribe to Cosmo and my YouTube channel if you’d like it. You can get my single, Lento, whenever you feel like it. It’s out now and I would appreciate you listening to it because I make music first and foremost. I’m not a painter. (upbeat music)


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