We Style Each Other For Under $150 In Vegas

(upbeat music) – Here’s the deal. – We literally found out last night that our company was
sending us to Las Vegas. – 24 hours.
– 24 hours. – Just casually. The challenge is that we
have less than 24 hours to style each other in the
ultimate going out look. – We’re literally going to Vegas to go shopping and go out. – What is our life?
– What the (beep)? (upbeat music) – There’s no going back.
– No. – The challenge here is that we were only
allowed to bring one bag. I have nothing, I just
have this sweatshirt. – It’s kind of liberating.
– It is. (upbeat music) – We made it to Vegas. Whoo, and we are on our way to the mall. One of the many Vegas malls. – Yes, but one of the best Vegas malls. – We’ve already got a club promoter. We’re gonna see some hot DJs. I’m not used to this night lifestyle, but. – Me neither. – We literally have
nothing, and I mean nothing. – Nothing. – Nothing to wear tonight, so we have to find something. – Yes, we literally have
to, or we can’t go out. – We both need shoes.
– Yeah. Which, good luck finding shoes for me. – What size are you?
– 12. – Yep. And the club promoter specifically said, – Dress to impress. We’re literally going out in six hours and we have to have our outfits by then. Cool cool.
– Cool, cool. I hope we can find stuff. (upbeat music) This Forever 21 is lit. – This is like a (beep)ing club. – It’s a club ’cause it’s Vegas. Look at that chandelier. Oh, look who’s here. – [Jazzmyne] Look who we found. – Planned my vacay at
the same time, ladies. – [Jazzmyne] Hell yes. – Sheridan’s here to help.
– Let’s do this. – Shopping took so long. We walked in the Forever 21
and we were like, oh (beep). Everything is beachwear. For some reason, everything
here is so beachy. It’s not club. What would you like to wear? – I want that edgy appeal to it. I don’t want just a bodycon dress. – Right, I think we both
don’t wanna look like we have a minidress with sequins and sparkles because every single girl has that. We both wanna stand out. We don’t want something like this. This is typical Vegas. We wanna go different,
we wanna be different. I went first to look
for Jazzmyne’s clothes. I struggled, man. Nothing in this plus
size section at Forever is Jazzmyne’s style,
and Jazzmyne has a lot of different things in her closet. This is not it. I picked a lot of different things. They weren’t Vegas
looking, but I was like, Jazzmyne with her hair and with some heels and her bold lip color, it’ll work. It was really difficult, but I ended up finding Jazzmyne a lot of stuff. Hopefully you like it. We got a lot of reds and blacks. We gotta see if they fit. Fashion show, go. (upbeat music) – I would never wear this out. I would wear this if I had a
turtleneck on underneath it and made it ’90s. – Oh it’s cute, but
I’m not wearing it out. It’s not the style I’m going for. – [Jazzmyne] Right, it’s cute. – I’m gonna buy it, yeah. Not for a club, maybe for a– – A picnic. I’d go to work in this. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. It was frustrating in the sense of bringing me back to the trauma of people picking out clothes for me and wondering, is it gonna fit? Is it gonna work out? These pants don’t zip at the crotch. – They would’ve been cute. And then I have such
a complex, weird style on top of it, but I think
you did really good. A lot of the stuff you picked out, it ended up fitting. I’m not mad at it, by any means. – Yeah, I don’t think it’s bad. – Yeah. – Yeah, I think I like, I think I like the gray one the best. I think it’ll look
better with black heels, my black sunglasses, black lipstick. Gray’s it. – I would love, ideally,
to not wear a dress. To maybe a cool jumpsuit or pant. – [Jazzmyne] Okay. – [Lindsay] But that is difficult to find. – [Jazzmyne] Yes it is. – [Lindsay] Also, ’90s, early 2000s. – I think we can lean into that. For Lindsay’s outfit, I wanted to go into a very sporty but that hot sporty that’s in right now, where you can wear it with heels. So I gave Lindsay a (beep)load of stuff. I am going to be trying to show a little of her body off, so I got some short (beep). It’s like dressing up a barbie, I love it. – There’s a vibe through
and through with these. It’s all red and black. Power colors. I’m gonna be showing some skin tonight. – I don’t know if I like it. – It’s just so many panty lines. It’s almost too long. – I wish it didn’t either, I wish it was just straight across. It’s right under my butt. My butt is right there. This is a little big. Also, this is longer but I tucked it. ’cause I just think it
needs to be shorter. – I don’t know. I like the top, though, I just would want it
with a different bottom. But I like the vibe, it
just doesn’t fit me right. Look at this. It goes all the way to my underwear. – I see what you’re doing, Jazzmyne. – I think, this is so
cute and I love this, but not for club. – Yeah, no no no. So I was like, I’ll be right back. I found a black sports bra and some red options, but
she came and showed me the black sports bra and it was lemons. – Perfect. We basically just went to
Forever 21 for everything because we did not have time. We didn’t have time to mess around, we were like, we gotta
get all of our outfits in this one store. So cute. Jazz, do you like this bag? – I (beep)ing love that bag. It is such a ’90s bag,
I (beep)ing love it. – [Lindsay] You’re welcome. – We ended up finding an Aldo. They had a really cute
pair of glitter heels and I was like, it’ll be
a little bit of a pop. – For Jazzmyne’s shoes, we had to go to another mall, which
was 10, 15 minutes away just to go to the Torrid, the only Torrid. None of the shoes were Jazzmyne’s style. – Which the girl, bless her heart, she was so sweet bringing
out all these size 12 shoes, but they were just not what I wanted. – She brought out, actually,
a lot of different shoes that weren’t in the store. One of them was great, but it had a bow. – Got these shoes, but
I don’t like the bow. – [Lindsay] DIY, baby. – DIY, baby. – The shoes look great now. – [Jazzmyne] Yeah, they look great. – And then she has a lip
color to match those. – And then I want you to wear a red lip and I think maybe your sunglasses as an accessory, but not on. – What if I lose them? – Don’t. – All right, let’s do it. All right, we’re at the Omnia. – We’re here, we’re ready to go out. – We’re here, we’re ready to go out, we’re in our outfits.
– It’s been a stressful day. – It has, but now we
can finally let loose. And not worry about our shoes. (upbeat music) – We just got back from our night out. (beep) those shoes. And those shoes. – [Jazzmyne] And those shoes. My outfit felt pretty comfortable. Vegas is its own vibe. – [Lindsay] Yeah, totally. – [Jazzmyne] And it was
hard feeling like we fit in. – Different places around the world, dressing up to go clubbing usually fits into one certain style, and when we go out, we actually dress really, really different. And when we’re in West Hollywood, we wear tennis shoes and boots and we– – Or you wear heels if you want to. There’s no, you should wear these shoes. It was for sure an experience. – [Lindsay] Yeah, I think it
was so fun shopping for you and I learned a lot. – [Jazzmyne] I’m glad,
I really was excited to put you in an outfit that– – You would wear. Jazzmyne has the outfit I wore. – [Jazzmyne] But you looked so good in it. – I loved it. When I sat down, though, the slit on the side went all the way up. – Good. – To my waist, all the way, good? – Let them see. – Vegas, you’ve been good to us. – Vegas, always do. – Always be in Vegas. We’re gonna sleep now. We have a flight really early. Okay, bye.
– Bye. (upbeat music)


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