We Threw a Baby Shower in Under 24 Hours!!

– No crying!
(beeps) – Hey, lady!
(exhales) You need to calm down.
– Slap me! (beeps)
– Your vagina did that? (beeps) Okay you guys, so
remember when we told you that there was a clever baby momma and then you found out
that baby momma was Jill and that Jill was like pregnant and stuff? – [Sinead] Yes.
– Well she had it! it came out!
– That is crazy! – It’s time to meet this baby, all right? We threw it a party before
it was even on this Earth. There were puppies involved
when we found out the gender. We threw Jill a baby shower
and now we were like, “We got to throw a party
when we meet the baby!” Obviously, we’ve become really good at it. – Yeah and obviously we
had to bring Lauren along. – [Sinead] Obviously! – Because this color
coordination is too good. – It’s too good, we look like
the freaking Teletubbies dude. – So now that the baby is
alive and Jill can partake, there’s a thing called a sip and see, – I’ve heard of a sip and see! – Have you? – Cause it’s like a southern thing. Where you like, people have a baby and like come see my baby so, and drink some sip and sip and see it. – I missed out on all of the
things when I was pregnant, and after the baby, I didn’t get parties. I was like, “If you want to
see my baby you come here. “You bring food with you.” – All right so let’s go. We gotta go to what, Party City? – Mm-hmm.
– [Drew] Yeah. – Gotta do somethin’. – Yeah we can maybe come up
with a good color scheme. Obviously we know baby
(baby cries) is a girl. I don’t want to be
stereotypical and say that you know, pink is the only girl color – Right. – So maybe we can just
luxe it up a bit, you know? – Oh okay, I like it – Go with more of like a sheek, glam – A gold – And then we should
probably just make sure there’s nothing like too sharp around or anything like that. I mean granted, she can’t move and she’ll probably just
sit there the whole time. She’ll have no idea who we are and won’t remember any of this. But as long as we make sure that Lauren doesn’t leave her knives out. – Oh crap the knives! Oh noo! – [Drew] Put the knives
away for this time. – Yeah
– Day’s ruined (bouncy music) – What if we got her name in these little glitter table top situation things? – [Drew] That’s cute – Then she can take it
home and it won’t die. – I like this idea and her
name is short (baby cries) Crap, were we supposed to reveal that? That’s fine (mumbles) – [Lauren] Wait the “L”
is gone, the whole plan is ruined! That’s an “I”? That’s an “L” but that was weird, it is an “L”. – [Sinead] Oh, it is? – It looks like an “I” – [Sinead] Yeah, well “J”, “K”, “L” You thought the “L” came
between “M” and “N”. – Okay, I’m in charge of the tablescape and I want tiers like, this is what I want, I want this
– Oh! – I need more pink things,
and I need more gold things. Platters, I want candy, I
want seven different layers. Pink and gold, Sinead! – How about these?
– [Lauren] Yes! I need levels, people, I need levels! Get me some pink ones, for this. Let’s get this, gold balls. – [Sinead] I found tiers
(Both laughing) – Get outta here! No crying! – Is it the same pink? Do
you care, or is that just my? – [Drew] No?
– [Lauren] Yeah! – [Sinead] Oh, they’re metallic! – We’ve gotta figure out what to put in the chocolate fountain. Sinead wants to do salted caramel but– – Okay, we don’t have to! – Caramel? – [Lauren] White chocolate
is very pretty and chic, let’s do white.
– Let’s just do white. – It matches my aesthetic of
my tablescape. Did you fart? Rosé bae? Bae-bae? It’s a correlation. (crickets chirping) – Yeah you lost me–
– I don’t really– – This is perfect for all the tiers. We need strawberries for
the chocolate fountain, and I’m thinking we need
these mini brownies. Pink. – Can we get these ones though, too? – Yeah! What about the Star Wars one? – [Lauren] Is that on theme? (cookie drops) – We can’t just have these cookies. – You’re right. – Are you patronizing me? – (exaggerated posh accent)
Patronizing? I would never! So we’re done.
– So. Done. – We got all the stuff, I think I’ll take the
cookies home with me, maybe the White Claw, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow
when we dress up for… For baby. – We’re dressing up?
– We dress up? – We’re dressing up the kitchen. – Got it, yes. So excited,
it’s gonna be great. – Okay. I don’t know why
I’m acting like we’re timed, like we’ve got a timer,
but that’s how it feels. – We are running a little bit behind. – [Lauren] We’re running behind, and we’ve put on our crowns
so that everyone knows that’s what you have to
do when you get here, is put on a crown. Working on the tablescape,
we’re scaping, we’re tableing. Sinead, thank god has her
OCD side with her today, and she’s helping me
make things look better, and I’m just like, let’s
get levels and layers. – [Drew] “Y” though? – Drew’s been opening
the “L” for like an hour, – “Y”? – The “Y”, oh she’s so sad
(Laughing) We’ve gotta put cupcakes, we
forgot lollipops but, y’know, Lucy’s three months,
she won’t remember that there’s no lollipops at
her first sip and see. We’ve gotta make a champagne tower, we’ve gotta melt the chocolate. – I’m making things happen here. – [Lauren] Yay! Look
at this, look at this! – This is some DIY
stuff, so you guys know. This is how we DIY, alright? – [Lauren] I feel like we’re a good team, because I have vision, but no patience, and Sinead has nothing but patience cause if she had her way, we would spend seven hours decorating. – It’s true. – Also, you guys assigned a
person with nails like these to peel things off of stuff. – [Lauren] So, how is
this a cupcake tower? What, why am I holding seven hats? I’m freaking out. – [Drew] Don’t freak out, Lauren. – I don’t know how to make it. – [Drew] Oh, that does look complicated. – [Sinead] No, you guys, it’s super easy. Like, literally the easiest
thing in the world. See? – I see it now that you did it. What’s this for, why
is there a hole in it? – [Sinead] Wait, why would it be…? – [Lauren] Is this on the
bottom? That’s the bottom. See? And then one more. – [Drew] Did you already take out two? – [Sinead] Perfect! – [Drew] God, am I just… – [Sinead] So I’m also using a knife. – [Drew] I’m inept. – [Sinead] This is cute.
– Yeah! Okay, why is this cupcake stand so tall? I don’t think we got enough cookies. Okay. – Aww. (Baby talk) – Can you focus? Oh my god! – I’m focusing, I’m
focusing! I’m focusing. – We’re running out of time! – I’m putting cupcakes on tiers. – Open these, put them here, I’m gonna take a breather for a second. – Hey, lady, you need to calm down! – Slap me! – Can I eat this cookie? – Just let me lay it out, honestly. – Okay, can you do, I was gonna do a ring, that’s what I would like – [Sinead] That’s what I was gonna do – Drew! – [Sinead] Let’s do pink and white, so hand me– mother of
god. This stand sucks! – [Lauren] No, but it’s my tiers! – [Sinead] We can put it on afterwards, but if I am gonna be
able to do my artistry… – [Lauren] What are you doing? – [Sinead] What do you
mean what am I doing? – [Drew] You gotta lay them out. – [Lauren] What are you doing?
You’ve gotta do a spiral. – [Sinead] I am doing a ring. – You should do white and pink,
and go like a deck of cards. Like a salami. – [Drew] You’re not
making this very fun, mom! – Oh, who said tabelscaping
was fun? You want fun? I aint got any.
(Laughing) (bouncy music) Tablescape of my dreams,
I’m so proud of us. – It’s beautiful. – I love it.
– What’s wrong? – I just like when she says tablescape, it makes me really happy. – (British accent) The
tablescape of it all. – All right, cheers to (baby cries) (Whooshing) – Hello? – [Lauren, Drew, Sinead] Surprise! – [Jill] Hi everybody! There’s so much to take in! – Look it, look it, look it! – [Jill] Okay, most exciting
of all, oh my gosh! Wow! – I know what you’re
thinking, what a tablescape! – What a tablescape! That’s exactly what I was thinking! – I knew you were thinking that. – All right you guys, I’m so excited to introduce you to Lucy! – [Lauren, Drew, Sinead]
Hi! Oh my gosh, hi! – [Lauren] Look at me! – [Jill] She’s thrilled. – [Lauren] Why is she
looking at Sinead more? – [Drew] Are you ready to be crowned? – [Jill] Look at what they got for you! (all awwing) – [Sinead] Oh it’s so cute! – [Jill] Okay, one more surprise. – [Lauren, Drew, Sinead] Wow! Yay! – [Jill] I know! I wish
we could take credit, it was actually Parker
who made this for Lucy. – [Lauren] Wow, you’re so stylish! – [Jill] But it couldn’t be cuter! It’s also very exciting, it’s
her first day wearing shoes. So, y’know, we are stylish. – [Sinead] Oh my goodness, what a big day! – Does it totally freak you out
that this popped out of you? – [Jill] Yes. – [Drew] Holy… you were in her stomach. – [Jill] Regularly. – [Lauren] Hae you heard of a sip and see? – [Jill] Uh, no, what is that? – [Lauren] It’s what this is! – [Drew] This! You get to sip, and see the baby! – [Jill] Oh! – [Drew] We need to get you a drink. – [Jill] We’re gonna sip and see you! – I know it’s been nine months since you’ve tasted the
sweet nectar of life. – Oh, bless you. – Did you pump already? (charming, playful music) – [Sinead] It’s been a long
time since I’ve had like, a new born so like, even
seeing her it’s still so wild. But like, tell us everything.
What was labor like? I feel like you were in labor
for a really long time, right? – [Lauren] How late were you? – How’s your vagina? – Yeah, I– all the things, right now. – How’s your butthole? – Well, for starters, yeah, it was a full week after my due date, and they’ll kinda let you
go a couple extra days but I was like if she’s not
here a week after the due date, we’ve gotta just get on with it. – [Drew] We’ve gotta get
this thing out, yeah. – So that’s when they induce
you, like, an induction. – [Lauren] Oh they did induce you? – They did. And that, y’know
they have to give you drugs to get your body to do what
it should be doing naturally, and she just didn’t wanna leave. She was cozy as can be
and so it took forever. It took 40 hours, but when I
say that, there’s an asterisk, ’cause at least for the first like, 15, I was just sorta like
chilling in a hospital, like, the hospital bed
of it all, not so great, but I got, y’know, the food
comes like room service, – [Lauren] Oh, you can eat? – [Drew] Oh that’s nice. – Because I was so early on. – You weren’t dilated, yeah. – [Jill] Once the action happens,
then you can’t eat at all, so I was like, oh my god I have to eat, when will I have to stop eating? – Right. – So I was watching Netflix,
y’know binging on my shows. – Wait, so for the first 15 hours you were still like
one or two centimeters? – Just like, really hanging out. – [Sinead] That’s wild. – Nervous, yeah, like nervous excitement, but then eventually. – [Sinead] Just like, hanging
out. Just like hands off? – [Lauren] Did it hurt though? – No, no. Pain is like
a one to two, I think. – I went to, I went from
one to eight centimeters in an hour and a half. – What? – [Drew] Your vagina did that? – So eventually, y’know, we waited, finally she decided she was gonna come, then the tail end, the pushing of it all. Sometimes that goes quick,
for me it also did not. – So you did it naturally? – Well, I had an epidural. So I wasn’t able to do it naturally, but that was never my plan. – No that’s naturally, you pushed it out, that’s what I mean. – Yes. Yes, vaginal delivery, Drew. – Oh my god. – So how long did it take
once you started pushing? – Better thank your mom. – Three and a half hours. – [Drew] Oh my god. – [Sinead] Oh, uh uh. – [Jill] And I started at like 11 pm, so it was like midnight, 1 am,
at 2 am I was like ‘oh no’. – [Lauren] Do you remember what
you used to do at midnight? – Right? Exactly the problem.
Brandon made the joke, like. So she was born at 2:09
am and Brandon was like ‘Makes sense, bar’s closed,
she finally walked out.’ – [Lauren] Wow. – Yeah. Wow. Yeah! – [Drew] I can’t believe
you pushed her out, jeez, you’re a warrior. – So that was crazy, but what I really have to say
about that is how its so weird how quickly a woman’s body tells her mind to kind of forget about it. Cause even by the time
I left the hospital, I was just weirdly like,
‘it somehow wasn’t so bad.’ I don’t know, there is truly
chemicals in your body, I think, to just glaze it over. – It’s like adrenalin. – Just add a nice Instagram filter to it, it just all got a little fuzzy
and pretty and you’re like, ‘no, that wasn’t so bad!’ – [Lauren] Okay, what’s the weirdest thing that’s happened since she was, y’know. – Oh my gosh. – Like, did she poop in your mouth? – PTSD. – [Jill] Oh, I haven’t
gotten poop in my mouth yet, but never say never. – [Lauren] Y’know she’s
young, she’s young. – Yeah, we got many more
months of diapers to go. – I told you my story,
Harrison spray farted, there was poop in it, it went in my mouth and on my pillow and in my hair, and I’d just blowdryed my hair, – That’s the crime of it all! – [Sinead] and it was a
really traumatic day for me! – [Drew] Oh my god. – I mean, every day is like, crazy, and then in a few days she changes so much that what you were doing a few days ago, you’re not doing anymore. It’s so weird. – Yeah. – But, y’know, she’s been– – [Lauren] So like, can she read yet? – She really can do so very little, and I do so much, and
interact, and it seems– – [Drew] Nothing back? – And nothing back. – A year from now she’s
gonna look so different. – Oh, even a month ago! Like that first month
is kind of a dark time, cause like, just truly,
there’s such a blob, and you just really are like ‘stay alive!’ – Right.
– [Sinead] Right. – That’s probably my worst fear. – Having panic attacks every single day making sure their stomach
is going up and down. – [Jill] Yes, like ‘are you breathing?’ – Wait, Jill, does Lucy look
more like you, or the hubby? – So funny, cause right when she was born it was like identical to
some of my baby pictures and so I was like ‘yes!’ But now she’s got blue eyes,
which did not come from me, and like, so many expressions
are exactly my husband, so it’s just which way she turns and which way her eyebrows move, it can go one to the
other, it’s so bizarre. – Well, Harrison never
looked like me, remember? – [Drew] Well, now he does. – First of all, he’s white,
like really really white, and his hair was blond,
and now everyone says– – [Jill] It was blond at first? – [Sinead] Yeah.
– Oh my gosh. – [Sinead] And now everyone
says ‘he looks just like you’, but it took, like, a couple
years for people to say that. (overlapping)
– [Lauren] Look at you now where it like, sticks, versus like ‘oh he looked just like me but I don’t have any proof of
it cause now he looks…’ – Yeah, no, this is like amazing for me. – Does everyone else wanna hold her? Here, Drew! – Oh, I do not trust, oh my god. – Sorry, she’s very warm. – Oh my god, oh my god she’s so small. – [Lauren] Okay Jill, that’s for you! – Oh, perfect! – [Lauren] Don’t hold
a basket over a baby! – [Drew] Jill, why are you so trusting? – [Jill] You’re doing it, Drew! – I don’t think I’ve
ever, like, held a baby. – I need you to stay alert, thank you. – I feel like it’s
gonna affect my ovaries. – [Sinead] You actually
haven’t moved in five minutes. – I know. – Also, Lucy’s so tired, I don’t know if you’ve caught it yet but she’s like, long blinking. – [Sinead] Oh, yeah – She’s like ‘I’m here to party,’ – [Sinead] She’s doing this, she’s like… – [Jill] ‘I’m doing this,
this is my on camera moment.’ – [Drew] Look at her little head. – [Sinead] Oh my gosh,
oh she’s doing the nod. – [Jill] She’s really nodding off. Okay. Lucy! You guys, this is beyond kind. First of all, bow game strong. – [Drew] Aww, look at that. – As you see, y’know,
not so much hair yet, so the bows, we really play up the bows. What in the world? – So cute!
– Her first leiderhosen! – We don’t have any animal print. – [Sinead] You can take her
to Oktoberfest this year in that, oh my god. – What do you think? – That is so cute. – [Lauren] Oh my god, do
they make that in my size? – Ah! Baby Chucks! – Every baby needs their Chucks. – Well, today is her first day with shoes, so now we’re expanding the collection. And then, a little accessory. – [Drew] Look at her arm! Look at her head, her head’s moving, what do I do, what do I do? Do I just, do I move it? – [Jill] She’s gassy for sure. – No, your boob is supporting her. – Is it safe, is it safe? – You might feel some rumbles for sure. And some cute little blankies! – [Sinead] Oh, those are nice. – [Jill] Love, love love! Aww! Other little blankies! What do you think? – [Drew] Is she sleepy? – [Jill] Hello? She’s
just barely hanging on. Oh, and a bow! Of course. – We do talk too much, not her fault. – [Jill] Oh you guys, all
this stuff is so cute! – [Lauren] That’s for you. – That’s definitely for you.
– I might steal this. And, for mom! – Crack it open. – Ah! Oh my gosh, an adorable necklace, I love it! I have this bar that I wear, and this has a little
“L” on it! Just for Lucy! Look, can you see it? – [Sinead] She’s like ‘Hey,
mom, trying to sleep here. Bye.’ Obviously we have totally tired Lucy out, she’s fast asleep, on Drew’s lap. – [Drew] I’m gonna start crying. – [Sinead] No, she’s fast
asleep, like 100% out this time. But, you guys, this was so much fun. Jill, thanks for bringing
her by to see us. – What a treat. A sip and see, who knew? – Sip and see! – A sip and sleep. – Couldn’t be better! A sip and sleep. (Outro music)

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