We Try Swapping Styles For 3 Days

I feel very exposed yes girl yes curves yes you work on Farah like I work on is it I thought it would be fun for us to swap times yes what would you consider your style to me I love black I love to show some skin I like to have some grungy elements but then like top it off with like some gold chains to make it feel expensive we have similarities but then we don’t I wear dresses with sneakers you have that cool factor and I don’t have good set up three different times where we swap right yes us coming to work should be an outfit and we should do a brunch outfit of going out outfit apps cuz we love to go out shake I’m not so I’m just leaving the Nike store so she could be fresh wear her first day outfit and my standard work outfit a lot of the time is like a crop top yes a skirt and a jacket we yes I’m actually really excited to see you’re wearing this shoes for the first day something flat it I was really drawn to this pair of flats and then I realized I’m wearing like basically the same thing I know Nina’s super confident so she’s gonna like swag anything that I put on there for the going out look something with like a little bit of drama I’m gonna love something like this with the shorter hemline I am on some fashion oval and I’m looking at dresses right now because I am a big fan I mean dresses like I’m wearing them with sneakers like that’s my thing oh my god this is everything I kind of want it for myself we’re gonna make Nina fall in love with this we’re gonna make her fall in love with my stache julissa’s brunch outfit I found too lighter chords with chords you look instantly together because it’s like two things that match well this is a cute ass dress I might wear jackets a lot this bar just looks amazing this is so mean I don’t know them you know would ever wear something like this so guess what we go get it alright it’s day one and here I am this is my day one outfit it’s kind of like what I want to look like when I feel like I want to try athleisure and I already feel like I’m going to the club this is hysterical cuz it’s just like I would never wear this to go to work I never wear shoes like this I will say they’re very comfortable though check out my shoes I hope I don’t have sweaty feet with these I’m thinking I’ve no choice what do you think of my outfit today I like it you look comfy cozy cute does it look like you looks really good say it looks very comfortable I’d like to know where you bought it legs are you typically dress on world like the sexier side a little toned oh we got a little shoulder and shoulder action so I know yours I love it I think it’s taking you in a different direction I pet your run around all day today a lot of the times I’ll dress up for work and like I’ll be kind of uncomfortable but I am breezy it’s like a Freaky Friday situation so I just go home day one is over and even though it’s obviously not my typical style I liked it it’s cute I was definitely like out of my element overall I’d say today was a success good job it’s day 2 and I’m getting ready oh boy this outfit I actually like this I feel very exposed this is really tight but I’m cute this jumpsuit is very skin tight and like shows off kind of everything I wouldn’t piece all of these things together but they’re all cute separately so I guess they look cute together to me what do you think I think this suits you I think you could pull this off you look like an elegant lawn chair growing a brunch ah look at that she’s playing great that’s like the score I saw you and I was mesmerized don’t like who is this dazzling beauty looks like it’s out of here but you look you sir I’m really nervous that one of my boobs is gonna fall out today I think you hang in 10 out of 10 I went into this day a little skeptical but people responded very well to it young some people were saying that I looked uncomfortable which I felt like Apple’s own innate people said that I looked confident and then I was owning it and I was like am i I fooled them oh it’s day 3 and its are going out outfit day super cute I am NOT as mad at this jumpsuit as I thought I was gonna be I feel like for the first time it’s accentuating my body I feel like Catwoman yes girl yes curves yes it’s really to our Kardashian right now it is good on you but those little hottie care it’s like the first one that I feel like all right it’s too nice a little bit it’s a junina who is this yeah I got your booty at all yeah I don’t know how Julie sores bangles all the time like as I try to type just like oh my god my feet are killing me I cannot wear the Julie’s I don’t know how you do it the amount of like love and the only guy looks so good everyone thought I looked hot myself included out of all three outfits this is the outfit that I felt the most company I felt so powerful today because it’s sexy but it’s still like don’t with me and I loved feeling like that little experiment is done well I feel like I was definitely pushed out of my element and out of my comfort zone never would have picked any of those clothes off the rag I got so many compliments on things even things that like I didn’t feel super confident and I was like maybe I just have to like push myself a little more day 3 was my favorite favorite outfit I love that dress I love top made me feel day one was the most comfortable for sure but day 3 was like wow like I would say overall I would let you dress me yeah it’s do it again next week let’s do it [Music]


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