We Try YesStyle Clothes For Under $100

– I feel like that’s a
very sly way of being like, this is not gonna look the
way you think it’s gonna look. (electronic music) – YesStyle is basically,
like a massive company that’s based in Hong Kong and it just has very affordable clothes,
accessories, shoes, all of that. – I don’t know much about YesStyle. I’ve looked over their site a little bit and a lot of the stuff looks really cool but this was my first time
ever hearing about this brand. – Normally I’m a fan of vintage fashion. Definitely have not perused any of those fast fashion, super cheap websites before. We’re challenged to create two outfits. One is a nighttime look
and one is a daytime look. – All under $100. – I think it’s going to be a challenge. – Okay, you’re gonna give me some trends, you’re giving me some
nice little pops of color, they are telling me a story. – The biggest that they
have is extra large but they call that plus size. – I will say, I am like
obsessed with minimal designs and they do a good job
of using white space, it makes me pretty comfortable. It doesn’t look sketchy,
if that makes sense. – People do review some products
so that’s really helpful. – They have a whole slew
of wigs for pretty cheap and they look awesome on this website. My dream is to have pink hair so I feel like I’m gonna
try to find a pink wig. Colors on your computer monitor may differs slightly from actual products. I feel like that’s a very
sly way of being like, this is not gonna look the
way you think it’s gonna look. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, okay, so today is day one of wearing my outfit from YesStyle and I have a couple complaints so far. One, the shirt that I ordered, it was supposed to just be a
turtle neck with a little heart but was it was supposed
to be short sleeved and it’s long sleeved. It’s also very tight. I think this might’ve been one
of the one size only options so I guess that makes sense. But either I’m getting major pancake boob. This is gonna be rough. I’m gonna add my glasses, maybe some red lipstick, my new shoes and we’re gonna see how this sort of look evolves into something. – The whole thing with
cheap online stores, you don’t know how the
quality is gonna hold up. They feel like something I would get at like H and M, possibly Zara. Day one of wearing my casual outfit and the winning part is that I haven’t gotten any stains,
can you see them, on my shoes. I didn’t think it was that special but people seem to like
the color and the pattern. So, what do you think of my dress? – Very, pioneer urban. – So, after a day of wear I still have no complaints
about my outfit, it’s pretty comfortable, the
pants were mad comfortable and my hat, it did its job. It did its job, it kept
the sun out of my face, so yeah, I’m pretty pleased
with my overall look. – So, I’m wearing my
glasses and my red lipstick and I sorta think it
pulls the look together. So with the budget that I had I got one pair of shoes for both days and these, I swear, are
made out of styrofoam. They are so lightweight. They smelled a little funky
when I first got them. I’m excited to see how they work. – Fancy outfit day. I’m wearing this checkered, er, no, gingham, jumpsuit that I got. This is like, not super
fancy but I think the beret just like, gussys it up a notch. Honestly no complaints. It stops zipping like here
so I can, where my hand is, so I can unzip myself
which is very important and makes going to the
bathroom a lot easier because it’s already a little harder. – Oh this is a look. – [Sarah] This is it, okay, yeah. – You look so cute. – This is so French. – [Sarah] Is it ’cause of the beret? – Yeah, just need a
baguette and some cheese. – [Sarah] How do you like my outfit? – You kinda look like a K-pop star, no, you look like a mix
between a K-pop star and like, an American
who’s never been to France trying to dress like a French person. – Okay, this is my first attempt at trying my wig on so wish me luck. There’s helpful instructions. (laughs) Oh god. So, I’m taking this evening look out on a date with my boyfriend,
we’re going to Taco Bell which is the most fancy place
that one can go in Brooklyn. We’ll see how it goes. So, we’re currently at
Taco Bell for our date. And the wig is really itchy, I feel like I’m not getting
really strange looks but some. – [Caelan] What do you
think of my look, Grant? – I dig it.
– [Caelan] Yeah? – Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool. – [Caelan] It doesn’t look too cosplayey? – It’s a little cosplayey,
but you’re workin’ it. – [Caelan] (laughs) Thank you. – [Treye] Oh, ya’ll man,
we already lost one. I was tryin’ to put this joint on my wrist and it said, nuh-uh, not today, Treye. Outfit two, it turned out a little bit, a little bit more casual
than I expected it to be. I was thinkin’ it was
gonna be a little dressy, I did all black, the
pants, I will tell you, these joints are comfortable. They’re hot, I’m not wearing
these out in this New York heat so when it gets cooler I think it would be a cool vibe to give. So, this is definitely
a little bit more sporty but just, even to wear
out to go to an event, I can see it working. I stick to my same retailers,
especially online shopping. I do not like wasting my coin, I hate having to try stuff on, I hate having to take
things back that don’t work. Stepping out of my comfort
zone was pretty fun and especially a retailer
that I had never heard of, it was a whole ‘nother game. – It went, interestingly. – The quality wasn’t as bad as I expected however the sizing was
extremely disappointing being a more curvy girl,
everything was so tight on my boobs and I even sized up, which
people told me to do, and it was still really tight. And the wig was just disappointing, I wanted it to look
like Nicki Minaj, 2008, like Super Bass realness
and it just fell so short. – I like what I ended up getting. I got a dress and a jumpsuit. I got a lot of compliments
walking around with my friend. You should definitely find reviews for the items that you’re looking for ’cause there are a decent amount of them, just to see how other people
sized up or sized down. Or else, just like maybe stick
to like looser fitting things rather than tight fitting
things like I did. (electronic music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a new
channel, and now your part. – [Together] Subscribe here.
– That was my part.


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