Wear Or Toss Old Men’s Clothing? | How A Man Can Renew His Wardrobe | Dealing With Dated Clothes

What to Do with Old Clothing How to Wear Old
Clothes from Your Wardrobe [0:00:00] Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno. I’m the founder of
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do I do with all this old clothing in my closet?” Before I get into it guys, go ahead and I’m
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here. The question that came in says, “Antonio,
what does a style guru like you do with men like me who have to dress themselves with
only the nice clothing they purchased long ago when they used to have money? That, Antonio,
is a question I’d love to see you answer.” Well, it’s a good question. I imagine the
gentleman’s situation is maybe he’s a little bit older, doesn’t maybe have the high-paying
job he used to, and he’s having to make do with the current clothing in his wardrobe.
Many of you guys out there, maybe you’re a bit younger and you’re going into a thrift
store. You’re looking around and you find something that fits you great, but it looks
like it’s stepped out of the 1980s, or you’ve gotten some clothing handed to you and wow,
these shirts look really nice, but they look like they’re from the 1970s. “Can I pull this
off?” That’s what we’re going to be addressing.
Number one is you can wear pretty much anything if you’re confident. I’ve seen a number of
older guys be able to do this. They actually look like they’re still from that time period.
They’re maybe wearing the older hats. They’re wearing the brown suits and they’re able to
pull it off because you know why? They’ve been pulling off — this isn’t a costume.
This is who they are. So if you really wrap yourself into it — this
takes a little bit of strength and yeah, some people will recognize the clothing is dated,
but for a lot of people, it’s going to be, “He’s actually dressed better when he’s got
his own style.” I had a friend who had a number of shirts
and ties from the 1970s. His father gave it to him. Yeah, they were a bit wider ties and
the shirts were kind of psychedelic, but Rob pulled that look off. It was his own style,
he made it his own, and really when it came down to it, he got that clothing for free,
so he was able to rock it. I think he did a really good job doing that. To this day,
he’s probably never watched one of my videos, but Rob, if you’re watching this, that was
dedicated to you. Point number two, let’s take that clothing
in and get it adjusted. It may be that your body has changed and that’s why you don’t
feel that the clothing could be worn anymore. A lot of times, when a man gets older, he
loses a bit of weight, he loses a bit of muscle. In that case, take the clothing to a tailor
and get it adjusted. Another thing, maybe the lapels are a bit
too wide. Maybe they’re too skinny. Maybe the tie is a bit too wide. I had a company
reach out to me the other day. They actually were adjusting ties, making them a bit — basically
slimming them up. So you can take clothing to a tailor, you can take it to a seamstress
and for pennies on the dollar for what it would cost to buy something new, you can actually
get that adjusted to fit you better. The last point I’m going to make is to take
the clothing and actually sell it on eBay or sell it on another website where you can
get premium dollar, and then take that money and go to a thrift store. Go to a place where
there isn’t going to be — basically, you’re doing a little bit of arbitrage here, but
if you’ve got a lot of that clothing and it’s still of good quality, there’s possibly people
that want this clothing especially people in costume departments. If you know how to
take good pictures, know how to create a good description, you’d be surprised at what you
can get for that used clothing. Then turn around and go to your local thrift
stores. A lot of these places, they actually don’t know how to price items and you’ll
have to do a little bit of weeding through. I understand you don’t have the money, but
the money that you just sold your clothing for, you can go out there and build yourself
a new wardrobe. Hopefully these tips were useful, guys. Let me know in the comments
what you think and how I can make this better. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye. [0:04:25] End of Audio


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