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Hi, Pinkvilla, this is Pooja Hegde welcome home,
and today we’re going to talk about what’s in my bag so let’s see you know
they always say that a girl’s purse is really personal. Well, my phone because I
can’t live without it and as you can see it has a hardcore cover on it, because
I’m also known as butterfingers by my friends because they’ve named me
butterfingers because I seem to drop things a lot that’s why. I have my
sunglasses which are also pretty cool so, I have my Raybans which are like these,
coolums. If, I could swap my bag I definitely want or Gigi Hadid’s bag I am
obsessed with her currently, um she always looks red carpet ready for
some reason and I want to know what’s in her bag and how does she get like that
so fast. I always keep gum with me because I
think that gum and perfume are two important things, so this is Carolina Herrera called the good girl and I absolutely love this with my current
obsession and also truly it’s a really cool perfume, yeah this is nt my shoe guys,
not Cinderella and I have wipes I always keep facial wipes with me in case I need
to do my touch-up or anything like that then I can just wipe my hands. Well, l if I
could peek into someone that maybe and want to take in the Kim Kardashian’s
bag, see what she’s got in there and pretty sure she’s or got, you know I
really want her phone cover which has all the lights on it because that’s a
secret offered great selfies so, maybe I’d peek into it and just pick one. So, I
think I’d pick Emma Watson because I always see her reading a book you know
I’m intrigued us too she gives these amazing features and her thoughts on
women, and women’s rights and I only want to
know what kind of education that she’s getting which enables her to speak so
well and which was opened her mind so I definitely want to know what books she’s
reading. My wallet which has my license and money and all of that which is very
important, a hairbrush which is my favorite hairbrush by the way it just
looks like this it’s super cool and blingy, what else I have a pen by Swarovski,
in case I need to give out autographs maybe. If I had to gift my fan two things
from my bag and give my perfume because I think the lovely gift to give someone
and I love the heels so it should remind them of me and maybe I would give my,
well I wouldn’t give this to this gift someone giving it to me, but I’ll give my
sunglasses because I think they are damn cool and I always keep like concealer, so I have a
bare mineral concealer. I have Bobbi Brown it’s a cheek and lip pot Rouge
which is my favorite product by the way the Bobbi Brown one. I have a lip, a matte
lipstick because I think that matte is one trend that I really love the matte
lipstick, and then I have moisture which is my secret to good skin
because I have really dry skin. I have a battery backup which someone gifted to
me actually and some a name on it which is really cool. I kind of live without my
moisturizer like I said dry skin. oh, I think mint, breath mint as we meet
so many people you know doing what I do we interact a lot with people, so I
think that you know bad body odour or bad breath are two things which everybody much keep in mind. What else do I have, I have a
charger which is very important and I have a two meter wire which can go on
forever because in case you need to charge and chat on your phone, which I
think most people do I’m definitely guilty of that crime yeah that’s it. That
was a sneak peek into my bag. So, now that I’ve let you into the secret of
what’s in my bag, if you like this video please like, share and subscribe to Pinkvilla.


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