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YouTube app and never miss another update from Pinkvilla. Hey everyone! This
is me Shirley Sethia. I am at Pinkvilla today and they’re gonna be hacking into
my phone so let’s do this! So Shirley what’s your most used emoji? The most
used emoji probably the the closed eye monkey or maybe the, you know the
shruggy face yeah that. What’s your homepage wallpaper? My homepage wallpaper, it’s
really boring. I’m like a really boring person, there’s like literally nothing on
it. It’s just water and maybe I like beaches
so yeah. You have to tell me your favourite throwback picture. Favourite throwback picture? Ooh I have the right one.
It’s the one.. I’m gonna have to find it So this is me and my brother and yeah, we
were obviously very young. So I posted this on my brother’s birthday and I look
really awkward and I have short hair like usual. Who’s the most dialed person on
your phone list? Most dialed person, probably Saba yeah. What were the last three tabs on your phone? My last three tabs? I don’t think
there’s anything open on right now. The lyrics of songs, since yesterday I
was doing a rehearsal. There’s lyrics of the song ‘Suit’. (Tenu suit suit karda) that song. And..what else, haircut ki pictures because I
just got a haircut and Lucky Ali song lyrics ‘O Sanam’. What’s the sexiest photo
you’ve ever taken? Sexiest photo taken.. oh my god that’s a difficult one. I have to
say I don’t have a lot of sexy pictures taken but probably
this one. I really like this picture and the outfit that I am wearing. This was from
the shoot of one of my music videos and this was done in Thailand. Actually this
is an iPhone picture as well. Do you have a least used app? Umm.. Reminders! Which I
should probably use very often but I don’t use very often. I know It’s bad. A game you play the most. I used to play a lot of games but I don’t play them anymore. I have like no games on my phone, I’m such a boring person. But sometimes I do feel
like you know I should probably have some games because then when I’m traveling
really far aur car me kuch hota nahi hai karne ke liye And if there’s like no
network you do need some.. something, sometimes you do need things to you know
help you pass the time. So maybe I’ll go home and download something. What’s the
best selfie you ever taken? Best selfie..umm dekhna padega. Actually recently maine itne saare selfies li nahi hain. probably this one I really like this picture.
This was Jaipur. I like the hat as well it’s nice and colorful. Aise hats nahi hai mere paas aur aise colourful kapde mein bohot kam pehenti hoon so probably that’s why and of course the view I think the view is really pretty!
What’s the worst selfie you’ve ever taken? Worst selfie there’s so many.
Sometimes I end up putting a lot of really weird-looking pictures on
Snapchat. I don’t have it on my phone right now but sometimes if I have a mask
on I’ll just take a Snapchat and I’ll put it up and then people keep
re-uploading them so I think that’s kind of embarrassing probably the worst selfie. How
many pictures are on your phone? Iss phone pe itne nahi hain lekin kaafi sari hain.
There’s 4007! What’s the third last photo from your gallery? Third last picture.. so I was
just trying to see which picture to upload today. I uploaded not the third
last picture and I uploaded every other picture other than the third last
picture so.. you guys are gonna get something exclusive today. It’s the picture. I think it was shot when I did my interview with Abish for Son of
Abish.. Son of Abish and yeah it’s a nice picture I think. But ye maine upload nahi kiya hai kahi par. Name three famous people in your contact list. Oh I wish I had Ed
Sheeran on my contact list but I don’t Hota toh phir baaki saare contacts delete kardeti but I don’t know there’s Jigar from Sachin Jigar. Arman, since
we’ve done a lot of work together. Hardy Hardy Sandhu. So we would like to know what
was the last thing you Googled? Last thing I Googled was the lyrics of the
song ‘Suit’. What is your most used app? Most used app.. probably Instagram or
Snapseed. So I use Snapseed to edit my pictures and I use both of them quite a
bit and probably also square edit because I use those I use that app to
make my pictures look neat and squares shit square.. squared yeah. Which song are
you currently listening to on loop. The song that I’m listening to the most is
perfect by Ed Sheeran. When was the last time you set an alarm. Last time I set an alarm was probably.. not today yay! Yesterday though, it was at 5:30 a.m.
Most of my alarms are like around that time well probably like, sometimes it’s
like4:00 in the morning or 5:00 in the morning and then it goes from like
5:00, 5:15, 5:25, 5:30, 5:40 so you get the drill. I really don’t like
mornings. Well so that’s what was in my phone you guys got an exclusive look
into my phone. I hope that you guys enjoyed it.
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This is me Shirley signing off, I’ll see you guys very soon in my next video, bye!


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