I’ve been an artist my whole entire life
so I always knew that I wanted to go that direction with my career but I also
wanted to do something that was more meaningful in a broader scale, so being
in fashion design I’m really into sustainability. Working with SustainU really cool because it’s a local brand here from West Virginia, so I feel
like I’m giving back to the community. SustainU also only works with up
cycled and recycled materials which speaks to something that I really care
about. So I interned with a brand called Philips, they are a tech and medical
company, that was really different for me being a fashion design student. They had
hired me to come in and kind of redesign the CPAP machine for people who suffer
from sleep apnea, so I was working on the face mask and the headgear making it
more appealing and more comfortable. Designing medical gear I think is a
really important job because it’s something that people with certain
conditions have to use on a daily basis to live comfortably, and if they don’t
feel comfortable wearing it because it’s unattractive, or it’s physically
uncomfortable, then that just puts a damper on their everyday life so I think
it’s really important to design these products as best as you can with the
customer in mind. My dream would be to end up on the west coast designing
for a larger brand but eventually settling down and having my own
Fairtrade shop. *Music*

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