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When a Kpop artist who treats his fans with
the cutest, most innocent smile in the world turns into
a completely different person on stage, doing powerful dance moves, it makes his fans’
hearts throb like crazy. Such idols, who can dominate a whole stage
with their natural talents and abilities to sing and dance, are called
‘genius idols.’ And right now, there is a man in the Kpop
scene who is particularly well-known among those
few genius idols. In fact, he has been called a genius idol
so much that when you google “genius idol” in Korean,
this man appears. This legendary guy, who has sexy, cute, and
charismatic qualities and created tons of lovable meme-worthy moments
on variety shows over the years, is none other than
Baekhyun of EXO. Now, there are thousands of idols in the Kpop
scene. So how did Baekhyun in particular earn the
title of “genius idol”? Actually, when you look at his skills on stage
at face value, you’d think he must have spent years as
a trainee. But there is one hell of a plot-twist when
you learn more about him. Today, we’ll be exploring EXO Baekhyun and
all the juicy details about what he had to go through, including
some fun facts. But wait! Pop quiz! What’s the name of Baekhyun’s first solo
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the comments below. Baekhyun was born on May 6, 1992 in Buchon
in Gyeonggi province. being a late child, Baekhyun was raised
showered with love and attention by his parents. Because of such a stark contrast from his
brother who was much older than him, Baekhyun was almost like a daughter at home. He was raised in a very happy family and,
growing up, he even went shopping every day with his mom. But don’t get the wrong idea. As cute and sweet as he was, Baekhyun was
by no means soft or cowardly. In fact, he trained in a Korean martial art
called Hapkido for 9 years since he was in 2nd grade. He has a 3rd degree black belt, which makes
him qualified for the title “master”. As a kid, Baekhyun competed in a whole lot
of Hapkido tournaments. Baekhyun won piles of medals of each color
in these tournaments, but what he really wanted to do was to become
an entertainer, and he went for many auditions to achieve
his dream. But for some reason, he never passed any of
them. And yet Baekhyun was so passionate about music
that when he was in high school, he prepared to
enter a music college. On the day of the performance test for entering
Seoul Institute of the Arts, Baekhyun was warming up his throat with a
music sheet in his hand. But at that moment, a casting manager from
SM Entertainment saw Baekhyun and cast him right then and there. Now, when you are discovered on the street
like that, surely it means you become a trainee right
away, right? Wrong! You still have to go through an audition! And so began the audition. Baekhyun went through the whole thing,
competing against all kinds of crazy talented people After the audition, though, he didn’t get
a call from SM for over 6 months. After waiting patiently and painfully, he
finally received a call and became an official trainee at SM. And guess what? There was one other person who passed the
audition, and that was Chen of EXO. When only the two of them were left at the
end, Baekhyun thought that only one person would
get into SM. So they were going to encourage each other
at the end of the audition, but surprisingly, they both passed. Baekhyun’s future looked brighter than ever
at that point. But, little did he know that trials and tribulations
were waiting for him. Before coming to SM, Baekhyun was the vocalist
in his high school band and was preparing to go to Seoul Institute
of the Arts with his singing skill as his main weapon,
so to speak. So it’s safe to say that Baekhyun had been
pretty confident in singing. However, because his singing method wasn’t
suitable for a singer who dances, he had to change his vocal tone and singing
method and everything. As for his dancing skills, you might think
he had been a dancer his whole life when you see him dancing, but the truth is,
he learned how to dance for the first time after becoming a trainee. Baekhyun didn’t want to fall behind the
other members of EXO who most likely had spent years as trainees,
so he trained like a maniac every day and night. His passion was noticed by SM, and the company
decided to put Baekhyun, who had been a trainee for only 4 months,
in the debut lineup. And 7 months later, boom. Baekhyun debuts as a member of EXO. He had only trained for like 11 months. A fairly short training period followed by
a successful debut as an EXO member seemed to guarantee an ever-so-bright future
for Baekhyun. But then, Baekhyun was in a huge slump
prior to the release of EXO’s first full-length album. His body and mind were absolutely exhausted
due to such a short and intense training period and the immediate debut afterwards. Plus, other members of EXO had trained for
much longer before their debut, which made Baekhyun feel somewhat guilty. So much so, he couldn’t fully enjoy it when
EXO became the 1st winning team in a music program for the first time. So how did he overcome his slump? Well his teammates helped him a lot for sure,
but there was a trainer he was especially close with, and she was
a major help. She gave him a Tiffany & Co bracelet with
an inscription that said ‘Fearless B.H’ This bracelet was a turning point, and little
by little, Baekhyun started to get out of his slump. The word “Fearless” for some reason really
stuck with him. He used this word when designing his dog’s
clothes to support abandoned dogs and also in his Instagram profile in 2014. After getting out of his slump, Baekhyun began
to really show his abilities on stage and establish his position as a genius idol. Also, it turned out that he was super talented
in dancing as well, despite his late start, compared to other
members of EXO. These days, when Baekhyun learns a new choreography,
he just stands there and watches, memorizing the whole thing. He then dances those moves flawlessly. The way he puts it is that he “marks”
the dance moves with his eyes. He probably has a really good memory, doesn’t
he? From day one as an EXO member, he was never
bad at dancing thanks to his natural talent in it, but in
2014, he got exponentially better. Now Baekhyun is known for his outstandingly
beautiful dance moves. Besides that trainer who got him out of his
slump, there are many other good people around Baekhyun. The reason behind it is Baekhyun’s sociability. His ability to make friends with anyone quickly
helped him bond with other EXO members, despite his short
training period. He even took a shower with every one of them
to get closer. Along with Chanyeol, Baekhyun is sort of “the
life of the party” in EXO. According to other members of EXO,
the practice room became extremely loud as soon as Baekhyun and Chen joined the group. It took him like 20 seconds to become friends
with Chanyeol, and according to actors Lee Jun Ki and Hong
Jong Hyun who met Baekhyun when shooting a K-drama together,
Baekhyun has a sweet, lovable personality and is full of aegyo. Nevertheless, there was a time when Baekhyun,
who seemed happy all the time, was in a very bad place. It all started on June 19, 2014, when news
outlet Dispatch released an article that began the dating scandal of Baekhyun
and Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation. Kris had just left EXO at the time,
so it was already a crazy time for the group and fans alike,
and things got even crazier when this dating rumor broke out. On top of that, there were many postings discovered
on Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s social media accounts
where the two celebrities seemed like they were being deceitful toward
their fans, which obviously caused a big controversy. Fans had heated discussions over this. Some of them said the idols’ privacy should
be protected, while others argued that it was wrong of idols
who are in love to post messages where they secretly indicate
each other in online space that is used as a main channel for fans to
communicate with the artists. Finally, on September 15, 2015, it was reported
that Baekhyun and Taeyeon had broken up and that the dating rumor had been true. Aside from this controversy, though,
Baekhyun never stopped growing as a genius idol,
working harder than anyone else. And EXO has been at the forefront of the globalization
of Kpop for a while now. But Baekhyun never settled, and he played
the role of Wang Eun on a K-drama called “Moon Lovers:” in
2016. Also in 2018, Baekhyun appeared in the musical
“Singing In The Rain” in which he showcased his singing skills. On July 10, 2019, Baekhyun dropped his first
solo album ‘City Lights’, making a solo debut. ‘City Lights’ was very well-received around
the world. It was ranked No.1 in ITunes’ Top Albums
charts in 66 countries around the world, and it also topped the solo
albums sales chart of the 2010s. Being a genius idol that he is, Baekhyun keeps
surprising everyone with big achievements in many different areas,
and fans are excited about his future endeavors. Will Baekhyun continue to focus on EXO, or
will he grow even bigger as a solo artist? No one knows for sure, but either way, this
genius idol will shine like a star. Thanks so much for watching today’s video. Please hit the Like button and subscribe. If there is any Kpop star you want to know
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