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Women’s fashion is great! Stylish, colourful, diverse… and completely impractical. Like a condom with holes in it. We have thankfully said goodbye to the terrible practice of binding feet. And no more corsets that make you spill out of your own body like the foam in a cappuccino. But we’re still stuck with brutally expensive underwear and jeans tight enough to give you a wedgie. So, let’s look at some of the dysfunctional aspects of women’s clothing. Pocket Science. As phones get bigger, pockets in women’s jeans get smaller. And in dresses, skirts or a salwar kameez… they’re not even there. We’ve designed suits fit for space travel but if you want to travel with your phone… put it in a handbag. And then there are clothes that have decided to tease women by having pockets that only look like pockets. Like… some kind of terrible foreplay that never ends. Face it. The pockets you have called for are currently unavailable. Please try again later, thank you. Breast Friends. Bras are expensive. And we’re talking just basic, good quality bras. And many will argue that lingerie requires more challenging and delicate work. But a comfortable and supportive bra shouldn’t come with an EMI! So, come on, clothing industry! Help women out! Be supportive! Like a BRA! Save Your Sole. High heels have collected many awards, like Best Height, Best Female Beauty Enhancer, and Best Tik Tok since Kesha. But there is also ample evidence that wearing them can cause irreversible damage to the feet and spine. In a male-dominated professional world, a lot of women resort to wearing heels to feel empowered. But is this empowerment real or based on society’s standards? And is it worth the intense physical pain? Size Matters. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Yet women’s clothing only caters to the “ideal body-type”. Most women are still running around department stores trying on tops that are somehow both loose and tight. Going through jeans that fit the butt and reject the thighs. And being fooled by mediums that are actually small and smalls that are actually for children. And when you finally find the one that fits just right, don’t move. Because you probably can’t. The fashion industry is steadily churning out practical clothing for men. But clothing for women continues to be more about visual appeal. There is an urgent need to stitch the gap between style and function and this is being recognized. But slowly. So, let’s pick up the pace! Let’s walk away from age old beauty standards. And please, let’s do it in comfortable footwear. Are your clothes comfortable? Or are they trying to kill you? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to Vitamin Stree.


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