YOUR CLOTHES SUCK – Funhaus Shorts

Does your current wardrobe make you look like you grew up under power lines? Are you regularly mistaken for a post-9/11
Val Kilmer, or worse, a pre-9/11 Val Kilmer? If you answered yes
to either of these questions you might be Val Kilmer or, you might be one of
the poor suckers tricked into buying
Funhaus merchandise. OR BOTH. (SLAM) Funhaus claims you should buy
their mechandise because Funhaus fans are special, and better. And more disease free
than all other Rooster Teeth fans. THIS IS A LIE. (SLAM) Funhaus says their merchandise
will make you look cool, and make friends, and maybe get laid. THIS IS ALSO A LIE. (SLAM) Did you know that all Funhaus merchandise
is covered in urine? And not the medicinal kind? (SLAM) Did you know? Did you know that the Funhaus store page
is also an ad for STD awareness? Did you know that
for every dollar of merchandise sold Funhaus gives up a highway for adoption? Did you know that Spoole doesn’t even work
for Funhaus anymore? W-W-WUT!? It’s time to expose the dark, ugly new
orange and black truth. – (Regular tone): ’cause of the show.
– I got it. (yeah, we get it) Funhaus merchandise is bad, very bad! Funhaus tri-blend poly-cotton baseball tees
will have your friends wondering if maybe you’re straight after all– SCREW THEM. You’re gay as hell! Funhaus plush blankets are so soft because
they’re made of pubes! OUTSOURCED PUBES. (SLAM) Funhaus sells snapback hats and beanies
because they think you’ve got an ugly head, and you do! Dud! Funhaus markets T-Shirts referencing
obscure videos you’ve never seen and probably never will. Who do they think they are? Achievement Hunter? Funhaus has a new line of stylish women
shirts and tanks because they respect their female fans
and value their viewership. WHAT A BUNCH OF F**KS Funhaus sells a T-Shirt with a design
that looks like a Fallout logo because they don’t understand the laws
of Fair Use Parody! Funhaus only made this video
because their boss asked them to. Fuck you Todd! But don’t take my word for it! Listen to this bunch of pussies! – You’re making this for Funhaus shirts?
Whatever those are garbage. You’ve gotta buy a Screw Attack shirt. And make sure you don’t blur Joel. – You call this a woman’s shirt? I’ve worn women’s clothing before,
this is terrible! – You’re gonna blur this, right?
– Uh-huh. – Does Funhaus support abortions? I don’t have all the answers. Except I do and they, they do.
The answer is yes, they do. We’re… we’re blurring
Joel’s face, right? – You call this fashion? This barely hits off the shoulder! You’re gonna blur this, right? – Funhaus hasn’t made a funny video
in over a year. And you wanna put that on your body? It’d be funny if we put Joel in a dress
on the bottom too. – Women’s clothing are supposed to fit
my bust line. What are you talking about? This is gonna be blurred, right? – If I had to say one good thing
about Funhaus merchandise, is that it makes it really easy
to stalk women. You’re not,
you’re not blurring Joel, right? – They say these shirts fit
#AllWomen, but #NotAllMen– Is this gonna get blurred out? I’m blurred, right? – So this Merch March, remember to
buy merchandise that you’re not afraid
to lend to your bros! Merchandise with a throwback vibe, and yet, a millennial sense of hair, the kind of merchandise that says, ‘We play video games, and we like it.’ Shop, Screw Attack. (Just buy one or whatever) WHAT A BUNCH OF F**KS ♪ (Funky music) ♪


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